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NEMA 14 Hybrid Stepper Motor, 0.9°, 35*35mm, 2.7V/3.8V/5V/10V, 4 & 6 Wires

NEMA 14 Hybrid Stepper Motor, 0.9°, 35*35mm, 2.7V/3.8V/5V/10V, 4 & 6 Wires
NEMA 14 Hybrid Stepper Motor, 0.9°, 35*35mm, 2.7V/3.8V/5V/10V, 4 & 6 Wires
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Nema 14 stepper motor provides 0.9 deg step angle, 35*35mm frame size, 4 or 6 wires, 0.4A /0.5A / 0.8A 1.0A rated current and 2.7V / 3.8V / 5.0V or 10V rated voltage, with holding torque 2 phase stepper motor with high quality, best price and wide applications. Cheap stepper motor price, high quality with CE, RoHS certified.
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Technical Parameter
  • Step Angle Accuracy: ±5% (full load)
  • Resistance Accuracy: ±10%
  • Inductance Accuracy: ±20%
  • Temnerature Rise: 80℃ Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
  • Ambient Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
  • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min.500VDC
  • Dielectric Strength: 500VAC·5mA for one Min.
  • Shaft Radial Play: 0.06Max. (450 g-load)
  • Shaft Axial Play: 0.08Max. (450 g-load)
  • Insulation Class: Class B 130°
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Certificate: CE, ROHs, ISO/SGS9001
Technical Specification
Model Rated Voltage Rated Current Phase Resistance Inductance Holding Torque Motor Leads Rotor Inertia Weight Length
Single Shaft Double Shaft
P-35BYGHM20-1004A P-35BYGHM20-1004B 10V 1A 10Ω 8mH 7oz-in 0.5kg-cm 4 9g-cm2 0.1kg 20mm
P-35BYGHM26-0804A P-35BYGHM26-0804B 3.8V 0.8A 4.8Ω 10mH 7oz-in 0.5kg-cm 4 9g-cm2 0.12kg 26mm
P-35BYGHM28-0404A P-35BYGHM28-0404B 5V 0.4A 12.5Ω 10mH 13oz-in 0.9kg-cm 4 12g-cm2 0.14kg 28mm
P-35BYGHM28-0504A P-35BYGHM28-0504B 10V 0.5A 20Ω 10mH 14oz-in 1kg-cm 4 12g-cm2 0.14kg 28mm
P-35BYGHM34-0406A P-35BYGHM34-0406B 10V 0.4A 25Ω 14mH 15oz-in 1.1kg-cm 6 18g-cm2 0.17kg 34mm
P-35BYGHM36-1004A P-35BYGHM36-1004B 2.7V 1A 2.7Ω 14mH 17oz-in 1.2kg-cm 4 18g-cm2 0.18kg 36mm
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor Dimension (Unit=mm)
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor Dimension
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor Wiring Diagram
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor Wiring Diagram
KNOWLEDGE BASE --- Heating principle of stepper motor driver
All types of motors that are usually used by users have iron cores and winding coils inside. Windings have resistance, energization will produce loss, the loss is proportional to the resistance and the square of the current, which is what we often call copper loss. If the current is not a standard DC or sine wave, it will also produce harmonic loss. What's more, iron core has hysteresis vortex effect and also produces loss in the alternating magnetic field and its magnitude is related to the material, current, frequency as well as voltage, which is called iron loss. Both copper loss and iron loss will show up in the form of heat, which affects the motor efficiency. Stepper motors generally are used for positioning accuracy and torque output, with relatively low efficiency, relatively large currents and high harmonic components. The frequency of current alternation also changes with the speed accordingly. Therefore, stepper motors generally have heat generation and the situation is more vortex than normal AC motors.

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