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Model: PYX9000-4T0007G
1 hp VFD features single phase 210V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V input and output, overload, over-heat, etc. full protections and IP 20 protection grade. The 750W AC drive comes with vector control, better performance, higher control precision, cheap price and is a cost-efficient motor controller to drive and ..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0004
1/2 hp VFD converts single phase to three phase, controls the speed, torque and direction of AC induction motors, 3 amps rated current, 208V to 240V variable speed drive, RS485 communication port, widely used in conveyors, fans, pumps, directly sold from manufacturer.For VFD user manual and more dat..
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Model: PEACO-JR2-Z75
7.5 hp soft starter with intelligent functions features 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, three phase 220V, 380V, 480V, 690V input voltages. Best AC motor soft starter used for softstart, softstop, reversing and protecting 3 phase asynchronous motors.Specification Product Name Smart Motor Soft..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0007
1 hp variable frequency drive for speed control for three-phase AC motors, converting single phase to three phase, 4.7A rated current, 208V-240V AC drive, CE certified with 18 month warranty. Low noise and stable operation. Cheap price from factory only.For VFD user manual and more datasheet, please..
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Model: PEACO-JR2-Z10
10 hp (7.5 KW) low voltage soft starter with 3 phase 220V, 400V, 440V, 690V input voltages protects AC motor from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and phase unbalance and more. The AC motor soft starter is widely suitable for petroleum, chemical, construction and other industrial fields and..
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Model: PYX9000-4T0015G
2 hp/1.5 kW VFD, three phase 240V, 380V, 460V variable frequency drive, RS485 communication port, vector (VVW) or scalar (V/F) control available. Factory price, vector control, more reliable performance, better control precision, easy to program. Choose the AC drive to improve your product quality a..
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Model: PEACO-JR2-Z10
15 hp soft starter comes rated current 23A, 11KW capacity, Three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 480V input voltages. Affordable price and high quality soft starter used at startup provides a gentle acceleration up to full speed for motors.Specification Product Name Smart Motor Soft S..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0015
2 hp/1.5 kW VFD ex-works worldwide, single phase 220V-240V AC to three phase AC variable speed drive, controls speed, torque and direction of induction motors. IP20 protective enclosure, small size and easy to install. Good price and reliable quality from fatory.For VFD user manual and more datashee..
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Model: PYX9000-4T0022G
3 hp/2.2 kW VFD with vector control for controlling AC motor speed and torque, 6.0 amps, optional three phase 230V, 240V, 380V, 460V input/ output, IP20 enclosure. Cheap and quality adjustable speed drive to optimize machine performance and save energy and costs. Better performance, higher control p..
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Model: PEACO-JR2-Z20
Low price soft starter with 20 hp capacity, 30A current has three phase 220V/ 400V/ 480V/ 690V input voltage for options. Useful AC motor soft starter for protecting your equipment, extending motor life and reducing motor heating with frequent starts and stops.Specification Product Na..
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Model: PYX9000-4T0037G
5 hp VFD (variable frequency drive) for controlling AC motor speed and torque, three phase 230V, 380V, 480V input for options, IP20, 50Hz/ 60Hz, featuring vector control, reliable performance, better control precision. Best variable speed drive to increase machine lifespan and reduce costs across a ..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0022
3 hp VFD with single phase input 220V-240V AC, three phase output, 10 amps, RS485 communication port. Light weight and low price variable frequency drive for AC motor speed controls in conveyors, fans, pumps. User manual provided, simple to install and operate.For VFD user manual and more datas..
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