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Alarms & Sirens

Model: PEACO-LTE-1081
LED rotating beacon light features 80mm diameter, optional 12V/24V DC, 110V/220V/380V AC, 5W power, produces 90-130 flashes per minute, has magnetic mount/bolt mount and installed buzzer for options. Magnetic rotating beacon light with strong magnet is widely used for ship navigation, road construct..
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Model: PEACO-LTE-1101
Rotating beacon light has 100mm diameter, is made of durable and high quality resin, with high strength, can adapt to harsh environment. 12 volt / 24 volt rotating beacon light produces 90-130 flashes per minute, AS lens, PC mirror and base is made of strong ABS plastic. The base has three bolts or ..
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Model: PEACO-LTE-1122
Rotating warning light comes optional DC 12V/24V, AC 110V/220V/380V, 10W, a buzzer can be added for your needs. Magnetic mount or mount with three bolts can be chosen. The LED rotating beacon light adopts a scientific parabolic reflector with minimal noise and wear and a power transmission device, w..
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Model: PEACO-MS-190
MS-190 motor siren is a mini motor siren, comes with a wide selection of voltages DC 12V/24V, AC 110V/220V,110dB volume, metal shell. Cost-effective motor driven siren suits well for truck, boat, lifts and other places where information needs to be transmitted.FeaturesThe MS-190 motor siren is suita..
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Model: PEACO-MS-290
MS-290 motor siren features high volume 110dB, DC 12V/24V, AC110V/220. The metal or plastic alarm/siren comes with quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage. Cheap price and high performance industrial alarm sound is used for for Small lifting machine, transport vehicle, etc..
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Model: PEACO-MS-390
MS-390 motor siren produces high volume 105-115dB with sensitive trigger to ensure users to hear the alarm in time, DC 12V/24V, AC110V/220 can be chosen. The metal alarm/siren is equipped with quality pure copper motor, is not easy to generate heat and damage. Cheap price and high performance indust..
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Model: PEACO-M4
LED stack light provides AC/DC 12V, DC 24V, AC 110V, AC 120V, AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz, is equipped with 1-5 detachable stacks that are easy to maintain, an optional buzzer with more than 85 decibels and LED light source with high light for audible and visual alarm. The industrial warning light has differe..
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Model: PEACO-MS-490
MS-490 motor siren comes with high volume 110-120dB, AC110V/220V, 230W power. High quality industrial alarm sound features aluminum and steel material. Cost-effective alarm/siren is applicable to mines, university towns, urban air defense warnings and natural disaster warnings.FeaturesMS-490 mo..
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Model: PEACO-MS-590
MS-590 motor siren can be widely used for urban air defense warnings, natural disaster warnings with high volume 120-125dB. The motor driven siren has voltage of AC110V/220V, 300W power. The metal shell provides high quality for use in harsh environment and full pure copper motor makes the sire..
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