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Linear Slides

Model: P-MGW3C15H
Miniature linear slide rail is equipped with flange block, made of high quality material stainless steel or alloy steel, 3mm-15mm model size, max. 250mm rail length. The linear rail and blocks are small in size and lightweight, especially suitable for linear guide rail for automation equipment and s..
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Model: P-MGN3C15H
Miniature linear slide rail come with square block, made of stainless steel or alloy steel, 3mm/ 7mm/ 9mm/ 12mm/ 15mm model size available, max. 250mm rail length, compact size, convenient to operate. Great miniature linear rail used for printer, robotics, precision measure equipment, semiconductor ..
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Model: P-EGW15SB35CB
Standard linear slide rail assembly with low profile ball type comes with flange type blocks and linear rail that has mounting from top and mounting from bottom types, optional 15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm rail size, rail length up to 100mm-4000mm for options. Two block mounting type is bottom. The line..
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Model: P-EGW15SA35CA
Linear slide rail assembly features low profile ball type, equipped with blocks (flange type) and linear rail (mounting from top or mounting from bottom types), 15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm rail size is available for your needs, rail length can be customized and the length range is from 100mm to 4000mm...
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Model: P-EGH15SA35CA
The linear rail and block are small and lightweight, suitable for small equipment, especially for automatic equipment, precision measuring equipment and many other machines that need precision linear movement. With square block, heavy load / medium load capacity, mounting from top for block Mou..
Ex Tax:$135.89
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