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1 Phase to 3 Phase VFD

Model: PEACO-FC280-2S/4T-0.37G/0.75P
1/2 hp VFD for general purpose converts single phase to three phase, controls the speed, torque and direction of AC induction motors, 1.7 amps rated input current, 220V to 240V variable speed drive, RS485 communication port, widely used in conveyors, fans, pumps, directly supplied from factory.Our V..
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Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-0.75G
1 hp VFD to power the three-phase AC motor from single-phase/split-phase 220V-240V. Variable frequency drive draws a 7.5A rated input current from a power supply to deliver 2.5A to the 1-hp AC motor. Highly effective, stable operation, smooth start-up of AC motor, multiple controlling features, mult..
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Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-1.5G
2 hp VFD to power the three-phase AC motor from single-phase/ split-phase 220V-240V power supply. Variable frequency drive delivers many features such as controlling motor speed, smooth start-up, controlling the motor rotating direction, multiple protections to the motor, etc. IP20 protective enclos..
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Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-2.2G
3 hp VFD with single phase input 220V-240V AC to three-phase output features vector control and V/f control method, and provide multiple protection to the motor. Lightweight and affordable variable frequency drive for AC motor speed controls in conveyors, fans, pumps, and heavy-duty operation. User ..
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Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-4.0G
5 hp VFD with excellent value for sale, power three-phase AC motor from single phase 220V-240V AC. Multiple controlling modes such as open vector control, close vector control, and V/f control. Quality variable frequency drives to control AC motor speed for home use and industrial use, and solve the..
Ex Tax:$280.20
Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-5.5G
7.5 hp VFD is a 1-phase to 3-phase AC drive with multiple control modes and features, widely used in compressor conveyors, fans, pumps, heavy load, etc. High-performance VFD with phase converter comes with a built-in brake unit, delivers multiple protection to the motor, multiple I/O control, PLC co..
Ex Tax:$587.85
Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-7.5G
10 hp VFD to convert single phase to three phase power supply for motor and to control the multiple motor operations such as motor speed, torque, etc. Affordable and professional variable frequency drive speed controls for 3-phase 10 hp AC motor. Good price, high quality, and easy to install.Peaco S..
Ex Tax:$958.95
Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-11G
15 hp (11 kW) VFD with single phase 220-260V input to three phase output for AC motors, multiple protections such as over-load, over-voltage, over-heat, etc. Our VFD supports V/f control mode, open-loop vector control mode, and close-loop vector control mode to control the motor for multiple applica..
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Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-15G
20 hp single phase to three phase VFD, to power a 3-phase AC motor from 1-phase power supply 220-260V. The product features 2-analog input, 2-analog output, 7-digital input, 3-digital output, RS485, PLC, 1-high speed pulse input, and an output terminal in the control circuit to control motors in mul..
Ex Tax:$1,619.87
Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-18.5G
25 hp single phase to three phase VFD converts 1-phase 220V, 230V, 240V, and 260V input to 3-phase output for AC motor. High-performance cost-effective AC drive to control AC motor speed with multiple protections and control features. Cost-effective variable frequency drives for your motor to solve ..
Ex Tax:$1,998.85
Model: PEACO-FC110-2S/4T-22G
30 hp single phase to 3 phase VFD is designed for constant torque motor, pump motor, and lift/ elevator motor, converting single phase 220V-240V input to three phase 320V-460V output. High-performance 30-hp variable frequency drive features built-in RS485 communication, and excellent vector control...
Ex Tax:$2,391.88
Model: PEACO-FC280-2S/4T-30G/37.5P
40 hp variable frequency drive converts single phase 220V, 230V, 240V input to three phase 220V, 380V, 400V, 480V, 690V output, 61A rated output current, is an energy efficient pump control drive with high performance. Cost-effective 40 hp VFD is widely used to control the speed of AC induction moto..
Ex Tax:$2,554.59
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