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Inverter Generator

Whether you are at home, camping or on the jobsite, PEACO SUPPORT portable inverter generator is ready for you to produce clean, quiet power for any occasion.

The silent inverter generator is gasoline powered with 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW power, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-clinder enigne type, comes with double AC outlets for high efficiency, auto voltage adjustor, circuit protector for safe operation, conveniently monitors power consumption, fuel level, runtime remaining. The inverter is equipped with built-in handle for easy transportation. High quality with CE, EPA certified and 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Model: PEACO-1000i
Pneumatic & Electronic Automation Components OnlinePortable silent inverter generator is powered by gasoline, features auto voltage adjustor, circuit protector, 0.8 kW rated power and 1.0 kW max. power, 8.5 kg weight for easy transport and storage. The inverter generator can connect 1 unit to ob..
Ex Tax:$456.39
Model: PEACO-2000i
2 kW portable silent inverter generator for home use and camping trips, 1.7 kW rated power and 2.0 kW max. power, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-clinder enigne type. The gasolined powered generator provides pure sine wave and can double the output power by connecting 2 units. New military and green ap..
Ex Tax:$738.67
Model: PEACO-3000i
Portable silent inverter generator is gasoline powered with 3 kW power, providing clean and safe pure sine wave power with double AC outlets. The gas-powered inverter generator works at 3300rpm to 3800rpm speed and with super quiet operation for home, RV or emergency.FeaturesFuel Gauge on The Top - ..
Ex Tax:$859.64
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