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Inflatable Blowers

Model: PEACO-6E
200W small air blower for inflatables features 2800rpm speed, 12 m3/min air flow, is made of high quality flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant PE engineering plastic, with large wind, low noise small blower, acid and corrosion resistance, low noise, no resonance and no rust. The input voltage of ..
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Model: PEACO-2E
380W quiet bounce house blower for sale, 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz input voltage, 19 m3/min airflow, 2m long power cord. The small inflatable blower housing comes with high efficiency 380W motor for reliable and smooth running. High quality commercial bounce house blower for small and medium ..
Ex Tax:$305.98
Model: PEACO-3E
480w air blower for bounce house comes with 21 m3/min airflow, 220-240V/110-120V supply voltage, 50Hz/60Hz frequency. The small inflatable blower housing is made of PE material, IPX4 waterproof grade and corrosion resistant. Sustainable operation time up to 4 hours. High quality electric blower for ..
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Model: PEACO-4E-1
680 watt air blower for water slide features 32 m3/min airflow, smooth running with powerful 680W motor, optional 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz voltage. The cost-effective 1 hp blower for bounce house is also fit for outdoor water slides, obstacle courses, jumping castle and other inflatables. PE hous..
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Model: PEACO-4E
Good price 750W inflatable blower for bounce house provides powerful 750W motor and air outlet for quick filling and strong air flowing, a handle for easy carrying, 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz voltage. Safe and quiet bounce house blower for children and adults, 2 vents with wire meshes covering, wat..
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Model: PEACO-5E
950W inflatable blower for bounce house for sale, air volume up to 41 cubic meters per minitue, 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz voltage. The 950 watt air blower is easy to operate, has high efficiency and great price. The quiet bounce house blower is widely employed in outdoor bounce houses, water slide..
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Model: PEACO-6E
New style 1.5 hp air blower for bouncy castle with affordable price, optional 45 m3/min, 68 m3/min air volume, 110V-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz supply voltage. 1.5 hp inflatable blower is constructed with 1100W powerful motor, quick filling, strong air flowing, has enough power to make medium sized bou..
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Model: PEACO-7E
Powerful 2 hp inflatable blower for bounce castle with competitive price, featuring 49 m3/min, 82 m3/min air volume, 110V-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz voltage for options. The 2 hp bouncy castle blower provides wide base with strong stability for use indoors or outdoors. Special inflatable pool blower i..
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Model: PEACO-AD-02E
750W air puppet blower comes with high strength metal fan blades, full metal housing, 4 movable wheels and 4m power cord. Providing strong airflow with powerfull and efficicent motor, 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz voltage available. The air column inflatable blower fan is the ideal air blower for adve..
Ex Tax:$729.67
Model: PEACO-AD-03E
1100W (1.5 hp) air puppet blower for sale, affordable price and global free shipping. Featuring 220-240V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz voltage, strong and stable air volume 145 m3/min, powerful 1100W air blower motor. The air blower/air mover is perfect for inflatable banners, advertising air puppets and sky d..
Ex Tax:$778.85
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