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Electromagnetic brake with direct factory price, single-plate, 6Nm, 15Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 400Nm for static torque throughout 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage. Providing fast response, small installation area. Reliable brake for applications ranging from copy machines to conveyor drives.For electromagnetic clut..
Ex Tax:$139.96
Model: PEACO-FBD-1
Cheap price and high performance electromagnetic brake for sale, dry single-plate, 6Nm to 400Nm static friction torque, max. 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage, fast response, accurate engaging and clean releasing. Used in packaging/ printing/ food processing machinery and factory automation.For electromagnet..
Ex Tax:$165.98
Model: PEACO-FBD-2
Electromagnetic brake at direct manufacture price for sale, single-plate, optional 6Nm, 15Nm, 50Nm, 400Nm static torque, max. speed up to 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage. Quality E.M. brake suitable for braking, maintenance, positioning, inching, high frequency operation, overload protection, etc.For elect..
Ex Tax:$199.88
Electromagnetic clutch directly supplied from factory, dry single-plate, 6Nm, 25Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm static torque and more, max. speed 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage, fast response and easy installation. Reliable brake for connection, cutting, variable speed, inch movement, high frequency operation, overload..
Ex Tax:$167.89
Model: PEACO-FCD-2
High performance electromagnetic clutch at reasonable price, 6Nm to 400Nm static friction torque, DC 24V rated voltage, dry single-plate, providing a zero backlash connection, braking, maintenance, high frequency operation, overload protection, etc. The EM clutch is well-suited for general industria..
Ex Tax:$271.57
Model: PEACO-FCD-1
High quality electromagnetic clutch from factory, dry single-plate type, 1800 rpm max. working speed, 6Nm, 25Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm static torque, DC 24V voltage, responses fast and brakes stably. Great shaft mounted electromagnetical clutch for transmitting torque mechanically.For electromagnetic clutch ..
Ex Tax:$297.68
Internal bearing electromagnetic clutch comes with good price and high performance from factory, 15Nm, 25Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm static torque for options, DC 24V voltage, 18 months warranty, providing quick response, stable braking, simple installation. Reliable EM clutch used in a variety of sorti..
Ex Tax:$208.98
Model: PEACO-MCS-2
Cost-effective electromagnetic clutch for sale, internal bearing type, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm available, DC 24V rated voltage. Outstanding EM clutch with fast response, connection, overload protection, high frequency operation, applicable for conveyor drives, printing and copy machines, automated..
Ex Tax:$255.68
Model: PEACO-MCS-1
Brand new electromagnetic clutch supplied directly from factory, with internal bearing, a wide range of static torque 6Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm, DC 24V of voltage. Outstanding EM clutch with quick response, etc. wide uses. No complicated linkage is required to control clutch, easy to inst..
Ex Tax:$276.49
Micro magnetic particle brakes with cheap price, 0.5Nm, 1Nm, 2Nm, 5Nm stable torque throughout 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage, provides fast response and precise tension control, torque limitation, 18 months warranty. Reliable brake for tension control system for rewinding and unwinding.For magnetic powde..
Ex Tax:$257.66
New price magnetic particle brake for sale, 3Nm, 6Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm (30 to 900 lb.-in.), DC 24V voltage, 400 rpm/ 600 rpm working speed, stainless steel material, longer service life 18 months warranty. Hollow shaft brake for maintenance, brake buffer starting, tension control and torque limitat..
Ex Tax:$339.99
Magnetic powder clutch provides smooth and repeatable torque control, torque rating from 30 lb.-in. to 3600 lb.-in. (3 Nm to 400 Nm), optional magnetic particle clutch base, DC 24V rated voltage, 1800 rpm. Manufacturer price and precise control.Please note that the base is not needed for the small t..
Ex Tax:$352.85
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