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Variable Frequency Drives

Model: PEACO-9000-4T0007G
1 hp variable frequency drive (VFD) controls AC motor speed to closely match your output requirements, converts single phase 220V input to three phaser 380V output, saving 10 to 50% of energy. High performance phase converter or frequency converter with V/F, sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed se..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0015G
New style 2 hp variable frequency drive for AC motor speed control, featuring 220V 1-phase input to 380V/ 440V/ 460V 3-phase output, closed loop vector control, fast response, speed tracking function and over voltage, under voltage, over current, etc. full protections. Reliable phase converter ..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0022G
Brand new 3 hp (2.2 kW) variable frequency drive is also a phase converter that converts 210V/220V 1-phase to 380V/ 415V/ 440V 3-phase. V/F, sensorless vector control are available. 50Hz/60Hz input frequncy and 0Hz~5000Hz output frequency range. Cost-effective AC drive for AC motor speed control.Fea..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0037G
5 hp variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an AC motor by changing the frequency and voltage of its power supply, can be used a phase converter or frequency converter to drive 3 phase AC motors. The single phase input 3 phase output vfd provides full control, runni..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0055G
7.5 hp VFD is a high-performance vector inverter that controls AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. 5.5 kW rated capacity, 0Hz~5000Hz frequency range. High quality and cheap price inverter w/ input 1 phase 220V output 3 phase 380V, providing reliable energy efficie..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0004G
1/2 hp single phase variable speed drive at low price comes with 1-phase 200V±20% input and output, 400W rated capacity. Compact & enclosed AC general purpose drive to adjust a motor's speed in industry. With full control, running and protection functions, easy and safe to program.FeaturesThe VF..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0007G
1 hp VFD features single phase 210V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V input and output, overload, over-heat, etc. full protections and IP 20 protection grade. The 750W AC drive has cheap price and is a cost-efficient motor controller to drive and control motors.FeaturesThe single phase variable speed drive for gene..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0015G
2 hp variable frequency drive with 210V to 240V single phase input and output, RS485 standard communication interface, super overload capacity. Single phase VFD to control single-phase AC induction motor, has competitive price and saves energy.FeaturesThe VFD for general purpose comes with non-induc..
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Model: PYX3000-2S0022G
3 hp/ 2.2 KW VFD for 210V- 240V single phase input and output, non-inductive vector control, less heat generation with fitted radiator. Cheap price and easy-to-use inverter to control AC motor speed and torque to meet your application’s needs.FeaturesThe VFD for general purpose comes with non-i..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0075G
10 hp VFD can be used as an elevator VFD drive to convert 1-phase to 3-phase to drive three phase AC motors. Reliable 1-phase 220V to 3-phase 380V converter for AC motor speed control. RS485 standard communication port available, high quality with CE certified and IP20 protection grade, with VFD use..
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Model: PYX3000D-2S0037G
5 hp single phase VFD for 1-phase AC motor, 210V-240V input/ output, 19.2 amps, with built-in operating interface (HMI), vector (VVW) control mode. The adjustable speed drive can simply turn up or down AC motor speed for your needs.FeaturesThe VFD for general purpose comes with non-inductive vector ..
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Model: PEACO-9000-4T0110G
1-Phase 220V to 3-Phase 380V VFD is a customizable VFD for 3 phase motor speed control with optional input and output voltages, featuring 15 hp (11.2kW) rated power. Cost-effective VFD adopts unique control method to realize high moment of force, high precision and wide speed regulating range drivin..
Ex Tax:$1,567.89
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