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Magnetic Particle Brakes

PEAC SUPPORT suplies magnetic particle brakes directly from factory and they has cheap price, are designed for fast response, accurate control and stable torque throughout various rpm, alloy magnetic powder is used to transmit torque. 0.5Nm, 5Nm, 100Nm, 400Nm, etc., single shaft, hollow shaft, micro type for options.

  • PMB series of micro magnetic powder brakes provide fast response and stable and precise tension control, torque limitation and simple structure.
  • PBT and PBO hollow shaft magnetic particle brakes come with small outer diameter and axial size. The hollow shaft occupies a small area and can be easily installed on the machine. The rotating body is covered by the stationary part and the heat capacity can be increased by forced air cooling.
  • PB magnetic powder brake with extended single shaft is equipped with a structure that allows compressed air to blow into the gap and the heat generated by the slip to dissipate outside of the brake, which is like a natural cooling method. In order to improve the cooling effect, an axial fan can also be arranged at one end of the driving body, so the continuous slip power is allowed to vary with the input speed.
  • POB series of magnetic powder brake features stationary coils and hollow shaft, is equipped with heat sink and action surface and good natural cooling effect, simple and convenient installation.
Micro magnetic particle brakes with cheap price, 0.5Nm, 1Nm, 2Nm, 5Nm stable torque throughout 1800 rpm, DC 24V voltage, providing fast response and precise tension control, torque limitation, 18 months warranty. Reliable brake for a tension control system for rewinding and unwinding.For the magneti..
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New price magnetic particle brake for sale, 3Nm, 6Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm (30 to 900 lb.-in.), DC 24V voltage, 400 rpm/ 600 rpm working speed, stainless steel material, longer service life 18 months warranty. Hollow shaft brake for maintenance, brake buffer starting, tension control, and torque limita..
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Magnetic powder clutch provides smooth and repeatable torque control, with a torque rating of 30 lb.-in. to 3600 lb.-in. (3 Nm to 400 Nm), optional magnetic particle clutch base, DC 24V rated voltage, 1800 rpm. Competitive price and precise control.Please note that the base is not needed for the sma..
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PEACO SUPPORT provides an extensive range of magnetic particle brakes, 6Nm - 400Nm (50-3600 lb.-in.), DC 24V rated voltage, 1000 rpm/ 150 rpm. A clean and low-noise brake supplied by a direct manufacturer, best suited for tension control applications.Please note that the base is not needed for the s..
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Cost-effective magnetic powder brakes offer fast response times, precise tension control, and torque limitation, equipped with a base, 6Nm-200Nm (50-1800 lb.-in.), DC 24V rated voltage, 1000 rpm/ 1800 rpm, 18 months warranty, outstanding performance from reliable factory.Please note that the base is..
Ex Tax:$410.37
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