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3-Phase Voltage Stabilizers

3 phase industrial automatic AC voltage stabilizer is an intelligent non-contact voltage stabilizer, comes with 20 KVA rated capacity, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, 380V/ 400V/ 420V/ 440V customized output voltage, high output accuracy up tp 1-5%, is designed with automatical detection for over voltage, und..
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Model: PEACO-ZW33-30K-S20
3 phase automatic voltage stabilizer provides 30 kVA rated capacity, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, 380V/400V/415V/420V/440V AC customized input / output voltage, high output stabilizing accuracy ±1.5% (±1%~5% adjustable), is designed with auto detection for over voltage, under voltage, phase shortage, over ..
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The three phase automatic voltage stabilizer has 40 kVA (32 kW) power, a wide selection of input and output volatges to choose. High precision AC Voltage Stabilizer continuously monitors the incoming mains supply and will automatically control the output voltage if the voltage rises or drops so as t..
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3 phase industrial automatic AC voltage stabilizer provide fast, automatic speed response to voltage fluctuations and power changes in load consumption. 50 KVA power, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, 380V/ 400V/ 420V/ 440V input/ output voltage or other customized voltages, IP 20 protection class, and CE, RoHS..
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The 60 kVA stabilizer is a 3 phase voltage stabilizer, is compatible with all load types and offering independent phase control, high output voltage accuracy ±1% or ±1.5%, wide voltage stablizing range 3L+N+G 380/400/415VAC ±15% or ±20% as well as ultra-fast response times (≤0.04s) to correct over/u..
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The 80kVA three-phase automatic voltage stabilisers (AVS) comes with ±15% / ±20% input voltage range and ±1.% / ±1.5% stabilizing accuracy, efficiency up to ≥98% and over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit full protection functions. Reliable static SCR control voltage stabilizer protect..
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3 phase intelligent non-contact AC voltage stabilizer is equipped with LCD screen visually displaying voltage, current, working method and other parameters. 100 kVA rated capacity, 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V of output voltage, 50Hz or 60Hz of rated frequency, providing great solutions for voltage fluctu..
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3 phase AC automatic voltage stabilizer provides 120 kVA (100 kW) rated power, 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V of output voltage, ±15% / ±20% input voltage range and ±1.% / ±1.5% stabilizing accuracy, features silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) static control method, full automatic function, user-friend..
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150 kva automatic volatge stabilizer is a three phase static voltage stabilizer, which has excellent output voltage stability, silent operation, top quality materials and components for manufacturing, wide range of output voltage 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V, ±15% / ±20% input voltage range and ±1.% / ±1...
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3 phase industrial automatic AC voltage stabilizer with intelligent funtions offers fast voltage stabilization speed and can protect electrical equipment in real time with 98% working efficiency. High performance AC automatic voltage stabilizer with LCD display for checking voltage, current, working..
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