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DC Vibration Motor

PEACO SUPPORT as an industrial automation company provides small sized DC brushless vibration motors (10W - 80W, 0.03KN - 1.6KN) and medium sized DC brushless vibration motors (100W - 200W, 1.3KN - 4.5KN) for global customers, featuring opional 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC rated voltages, 3000rpm-7700rpm working speed, aluminium alloy / stainless steel shell, F class insulation grade, IP65 dustproof & waterproof protection grade, natural cooling.

Matched with variable speed display controller, high performance and high quality with CE, CCC certified and 1 year warranty. Supplied from factory directly with cost price and free shipping worldwide. Special voltages and speed of brushless vibration motors can be customized for you according to your requirements.

The DC brushless vibration motors are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, construction, chemical industry, medical care, casting, food, spraying equipment, powder screening, food machinery, etc. and the PUTA series of aluminum alloy vibration motors have been highly recognized by customers in the vibration motor industry at home and abroad.

Model: PEACO-10DCB12/24-Z03
10W DC brushless vibration motor features 12V / 24V DC rated voltage, 3000rpm vibration frequency, 0.8A / 0.4A rated current, 0.03KN force and is equipped with a variable speed display control. Reliable vibration motor speed control for use in mining, metallurgy, electricity, construction, coal, che..
Ex Tax:$199.79
Model: PEACO-15DCB12/24-Z03
15W micro vibration motor has a voltage of 12 volts or 24 volts DC, working speed is up to 4500rpm and comes with a digital display speed controller for vibration motor speed control. Reasonable vibration motor price, small size, stable operation, low noise, power and energy saving. DC brushless vib..
Ex Tax:$209.97
Model: PEACO-20DCB12/24-Z03
20W vibrating motors for sale, adopted with brushless DC technology, comes with 12V or 24V DC voltage, 7000rpm working speed. Small vibration motor is easy and stable to operate with a digital display speed controller. The DC brushless vibration motor is widely used in food machine, packing machine,..
Ex Tax:$214.89
Model: PEACO-30DCB12/24-Z03
High performance 12V / 24V vibration motor for sale, 30W rated power, 7000rpm working speed, 0.2KN force, 3.0A or 1.5A rated current for option. The small vibration motor comes with a digital display speed controller for vibration motor speed control, suitable for use in wet, dry, dusty or explosive..
Ex Tax:$231.88
New style 35W DC brushless vibration motor comes with voltages of 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC, speed control with digital display, works at 7200rpm speed, excitation force up to 0.8 KN. Motor shell is made of aluminium alloy/ stainless steel material. The Small vibration motor is supplied from factory dir..
Ex Tax:$259.37
50W industrial vibration motor for sale, with great vibration motor price, wide range of 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V for options, 7200rpm running speed, 1.3 KN excitation force, 3.3 A or 1.5A rated current. DC brushless vibration motor is matchec with a digital display speed controller for speed control, use..
Ex Tax:$281.79
Brand-new 60W DC brushless vibration motor online selling, 12V-48V voltages available, 7200rpm working speed, 1.6 KN excitation force and operation speed can be controlled. The cost-effective electric vibrating motor is widely used in food machinery, screening machine, conveying field, construction ..
Ex Tax:$328.99
Reliable industrial vibration motor features 70 watt power, optional 24V, 36V, 48V DC voltage, high speed 7700rpm, 2.0 KN force and matched with speed control. Special voltage, running speed can be customized for your vibration motor projects. Best vibration motor price from manufacturer, good quali..
Ex Tax:$369.36
High quality vibrating motors for sale. Competitive vibration motor price & free delivery. With speed controller, 80W power, 24V, 36V, 48V DC voltage, 5500rpm running speed, 1.6 KN force, aluminium alloy / stainless steel shell available. 12 volt vibrating motor with 80W can be also customized f..
Ex Tax:$393.99
12 volt vibrating motor and 24 volt vibrating motor with 100W are offered by reliable motor supplier, low price and high quality with 1 year warranty, comes with speed control for vibration motor speed control, 3300rpm/7000rpm speed. Special voltages or speed of vibrating motors can be customized fo..
Ex Tax:$497.68
120W industrial brushless vibration motor for sale, 24 volt / 36 volt voltage for options, comes with digital display speed control, 4600rpm running speed. The electric vibration motor price is low and quality is guaranteed with CE certified. The DC brushless vibration motor is widely used in f..
Ex Tax:$529.88
Good price 140W DC vibrating motors for sale, 24 volt or 36 volt voltage for options, can work with variable speed display controller at 4300rpm working speed. The DC brushless vibration motor comes with pure copper enameled wires, precision bearings, high efficiency and energy saving.For vibration ..
Ex Tax:$576.88
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