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Intelligent Motor Soft Starters

The intelligent motor soft starters are suitable for three-phase AC squirrel-cage asynchronous motors with input voltage 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 460V, 480V, 690V, frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz, rated current 11A to 1200A and rated power ranging from 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW ... 450KW, 500KW, 600KW. This motor soft starter is a device type and it is necessary to install a circuit breaker for short-circuit protection function and AC contactor for bypass in the cabinet, and cooperate with the switch to form a motor control circuit.


  1. The series soft starters have perfect motor protection functions during the motor starting and running without installing thermal relays.
  2. The closed-loop control in soft starter greatly improves the stability and reliability of the soft torque starting and soft torque stopping of the motor. 
  3. The AC motor soft starter operation adopts bypass contactor so that the operation power consumption is close to zero, which not only improves the reliability but also reduces the overall size.
PEACO soft starters are compact, easy to install and program, and provides reasonable price. Buy AC motor soft starter for your motors in the following options now.
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3055
7.5 hp soft starter with intelligent functions features 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, three phase 220V, 380V, 400V, 480V input voltages. Best AC motor soft starter used for soft start, soft stop, reversing and protecting 3 phase asynchronous motors.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support soft starter user ..
Ex Tax:$345.97
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3075
10 hp (7.5 KW) low voltage soft starter with 3 phase 220V, 400V, 480V input voltages protects AC motor from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and phase unbalance and more. The AC motor soft starter is widely suitable for petroleum, chemical, construction and other industrial fields and can b..
Ex Tax:$390.68
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3110
15 hp soft starter comes rated current 23A, 11kW capacity, Three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 480V input voltages. Affordable price and high quality soft starter used for startup provides a gentle acceleration up to full speed for motors. High quality and convenient motor soft starter with LCD displ..
Ex Tax:$419.68
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3150
Low price soft starter with 20 hp capacity, 30A current has three phase 220V/ 400V/ 480V/ 690V input voltage for options. Useful AC motor soft starter for protecting your equipment, extending motor life and reducing motor heating with frequent starts and stops.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Suppor..
Ex Tax:$434.69
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3185
18.5 kW soft starter provides 25 hp capacity, 37A current, three phase 240V/ 380V/ 480V/ 690V input voltage available. Useful AC motor soft starter to reduce the inrush currents and limit torque to protect your motors. Energy saving, cost-effective motor soft starter with great price.Soft Starter Us..
Ex Tax:$457.66
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3220
30 hp soft starter with 43A current, three phase 220V/240V/380V/480V/ 690V input voltage to choose. Great motor soft starter with LCD display to control three-phase motor's voltage supply during the start-up phase. Multiple protections in one device, longer service life, competitive price.Soft Start..
Ex Tax:$472.95
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3300
40 hp motor soft starter is widely used with AC motors to make load and torque reduce temporarily during start-up. 30KW capacity, 60A high current, input voltage is available with three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 480V±15% and 690V. Reliable soft starter for protecting motor, fast shipping and onl..
Ex Tax:$496.99
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3370
Cost-efficient 50 hp motor soft starter, 70A current, three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V and 480V±15% to choose. Safe and reliable soft starter comes with LCD display, over voltage, over current, short cruit multiple protections, making induction motors in soft start & soft stop. High performanc..
Ex Tax:$509.75
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3450
Reliable quality and great price motor soft starter with 60 hp (45KW), 90A current, three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V and 480V±15% input voltages for options, protects compressors and motors from stalling, over-heating, over-voltage, under-voltage and mechanical shock, etc.Soft Starter User Manual ..
Ex Tax:$546.19
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3550
75 hp soft starter with affordable price and long service life, input voltages of three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 480V±15%. The 55KW motor soft starter is the best solution for induction motors to avoid mechanical impacts.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support soft starter user manual.pdfFeatu..
Ex Tax:$586.59
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3750
100 hp soft starter features three phase 220V, 380V, 400V, 480V input voltages, 150A of rated current. A cost-efficient AC motor soft starter provides high performance with over-voltage, over-heat, overload, etc. protections and makes motor more smooth and soft start.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco..
Ex Tax:$754.57
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3900
120 hp soft starter with three phase 240V, 380V, 400V, 480V±15%, 180A of rated current, controls voltage and current to provide smooth acceleration as well as deceleration for a standard AC induction motor. Reliable supplier offers CE certified quality and good price.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco..
Ex Tax:$1,236.98
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