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13 Apr How Is a VFD Different from a Soft Starter?
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Starting a motor with the help of a direct online starter will draw a heavy inrush current of about 5-7 times the Full Load Amps (FLA). It will lead t..
03 Mar What is a VFD Drive and How a Variable Frequency Drive Works?
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VFD is very useful for motors. It serves many features by saving electrical energy consumed by the AC electric motor, extending the equipment life, el..
15 Feb Difference between Auxiliary and Main Contacts
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AC contactors have three important sections - main contacts, auxiliary contacts and coil contact. What is an auxiliary contact? Auxiliary contact does..
09 Jan What is DC Reversing Contactor?
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A DC Reversing contactor is an electrically controlled switch used to control the polarity of the DC supply. It is much more economical and user-frien..
15 Dec Does a Single Phase to Three Phase VFD Drive a 3-phase Motor?
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A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a motor controller that can control the speed of the motor by varying the frequency. Such devices do the smooth ra..
11 Nov Small Diesel Generator
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A diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment, which is a power machine that uses diesel oil as a fuel and a diesel engine as a pri..
07 Oct Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) FAQ
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1. What is a variable frequency drive (VFD)?A variable frequency drive (VFD) is often referred to as an inverter, is a motor controller used to contro..
28 Sep Magnetic Particle Brake
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The magnetic particle brake is composed of a transmission unit (input shaft) and a driven unit (output shaft). The space between the two sets of cells..
10 Sep Magnetic Particle Clutch
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What is a magnetic clutch?Magnetic particle clutch is an automatic control element with superior performance and it is a special kind of electromagnet..
27 Aug What is a Servo Motor?
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What is a servo motor?Here is the servo motor definition. A servo motor is a type of electric device used in closed loop system to rotate machine part..
21 Jul Auto Transformer Working Principle
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An auto transformer is a special transformer that does not require isolation between the primary and secondary. To put it simply, its primary and seco..
25 Jun Capacitor Switching Contactor: Function, Structure
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Generally speaking, capacitor compensation cabinets are installed in the power distribution room to improve the power factor. The contactor that contr..
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