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10 Apr What May Affect the Efficiency of SCR Power Controller?
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SCR power controller is also called SCR power regulator. The power regulator achieves accurate temperature control by adjusting the power of the heati..
14 Feb What are the Advantages of a Gear Motor
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A gear motor is the integration of a gear reducer and a motor, which is a kind of motor that converts the high-speed and low-torque motor into a low-s..
10 Jan What is Electric Hydraulic Actuator
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An electric hydraulic actuator is a combination of electric and mechanical properties that converts electrical energy into motion through the assembly..
09 Aug What is High Voltage DC Contactor ?
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High voltage DC contactor (HVDC contactor) is a switching device used in high-voltage DC transmission systems to control and regulate the transmission..
11 Jul Applications of DC Reversing Contactor
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The reversing contactor is a very common electrical control component used to control the direction of motor operation, which plays an important role ..
13 Apr How is a VFD Different from a Soft Starter?
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Starting a motor with the help of a direct online starter will draw a heavy inrush current of about 5-7 times the Full Load Amps (FLA). It will lead t..
03 Mar What is a VFD Drive and How a Variable Frequency Drive Works?
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VFD is very useful for motors. It serves many features by saving electrical energy consumed by the AC electric motor, extending the equipment life, el..
15 Feb Difference between Auxiliary and Main Contacts
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AC contactors have three important sections - main contacts, auxiliary contacts and coil contact. What is an auxiliary contact? Auxiliary contact does..
09 Jan What is DC Reversing Contactor?
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A DC Reversing contactor is an electrically controlled switch used to control the polarity of the DC supply. It is much more economical and user-frien..
15 Dec Does a Single Phase to Three Phase VFD Drive a 3-phase Motor?
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A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a motor controller that can control the speed of the motor by varying the frequency. Such devices do the smooth ra..
11 Nov Small Diesel Generator
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A diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment, which is a power machine that uses diesel oil as a fuel and a diesel engine as a pri..
07 Oct Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) FAQ
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1. What is a variable frequency drive (VFD)?A variable frequency drive (VFD) is often referred to as an inverter, is a motor controller used to contro..
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