A DC Reversing contactor is an electrically controlled switch used to control the polarity of the DC supply. It is much more economical and user-friendly to reverse the polarity of high supply current to the equipment by using DC reverse contactors. The main-contact arrangement of such contactors is DPDT (double pole double throw) or 2NO and 2NC.

Working of DC Reversing Contactor

A DC contactor consists of an electromagnet, sets of stationary and moving cores and moving contacts. The power contact of the DC reversing contactor has two sets of switching, which are connected to each other to establish a DPDT contact arrangement in the circuit. The coil section (electromagnet) of DC rated contactor gets energized by switching on the coil supply resulting in the shift of the movable core towards the stationary part of the dc contactor for reversing the polarity of the circuit.

For a better understanding of DC motor reversing, let us see a practical example of how a DC motor spins from clockwise to anticlockwise with the help of a DC reversing contactor. The wiring is done based on the following circuit schematic diagram (DC-Reversing-1). 

Difference between DC Reversing Contactor and other DC Contactor

The contact arrangement of a DC reversing contactor is Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT). On the contrary, the high voltage DC contactor or high voltage contactor has contact arrangements like Single Pole Single Throw (SPST), Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), etc.

DC reversing contactor inverts the polarity of the applied DC power supply voltage, whereas non-reverse DC contactors open and close the power circuit to supply the power to the instruments.

Reversing contactor builds with 2NO and 2NC sets of arrangement to reverse the polarity. On the contrary, other DC contactors have only NO or NC-type power contact with optional auxiliary dc contact.

Application of DC Reversing Contactor

DC reversing contactors are the best choice for the winch, forward-reverse of DC motor, telecommunication equipment, engineering machinery, storage battery car, electric forklift, truck, train, ship, uninterrupted power supply, and other industrial electric control systems.

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