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High Voltage DC Contactor

High voltage DC contactors are suitable for electric, hybride and industrial applications, such as electric car, hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicle, construction machinery, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, battery power supply, DC power control, circuit protection and other electronic control systems.

Peaco Support high voltage DC contactors feature 30A-300A rated load current, 12V/24V coil votage, normally open type (SPST-NO, 1NO) contact form, continuous working duty, 147m/s2 (6 ms) stability, 490m/s2 (6 ms) strength, 20G max. sine 80Hz-2000Hz vibration, 1,000,000 times mechanical life, IP67. Other coil rated voltages can be customized for your needs.

For overall DC contactors and datasheet, please contact us.

Model: PEACO-SJD-20
DC contactor relay provides 20A rated current, selectional 12V/ 24V DC coil votage, one set normally open, longer service life 15,000 times electrical life. The DC contactor is a high volatge DC contactor, which is sealed with the inert gas, featuring reliable quality as well as high stability to be..
Ex Tax:$150.67
Model: PEACO-SJD-30
30A DC contactor relay adopts inert gas sealing and can control high voltage and high current, featuring 1 NO, 12V/ 24V DC coil rated votage and other coil voltages can be customized according your needs. The DC contactor can be used in harsh and explosion-proof environment, with low energy consumpt..
Ex Tax:$155.68
Model: PEACO-SJD-50
50A DC contactor relay has 1 set normally open and optional 12V/ 24V DC coil rated votage. The small DC contactor is a high voltage DC contactor, is completely sealed with inert gas and can be used in drive and control system for mining equipment, machinary and vehicles and DC switch equipment.Featu..
Ex Tax:$158.95
Model: PEACO-SJD-100
100A DC contactor relay provides 1NO main contact and optional 1NO auxiliary contact, 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC coil rated votage are available. The high power DC contactor comes with smaller arcs, inert gas sealing, magnetic blow-out to ensure safety, with guaranteed quality and great performance for use in..
Ex Tax:$165.27
Model: PEACO-SJD-150
150A DC contactor relay features energy-saving board, rated working voltage up to 9V-36V (including 12V DC contactor and 24V DC contactor for options). High stability DC contactor for electric vehicles provides optional auxiliary contact 1NO for better performance, longer electrical life 10,000 time..
Ex Tax:$171.54
Model: PEACO-SJD-200
200A DC contactor relay has optional auxiliary contact to achieve bidirectional power breaking. Coil rated voltage can be 12V or 24V, energy-saving board is installed in the contactor. Reliable DC contactor comes with CE certified, is suitable for power control, circuit insulation of industrial..
Ex Tax:$182.38
Model: PEACO-SJD-250
The DC contactor relay is a high voltage DC contactor, featuring main contact current 250A, optional auxiliary contact 1NO, coil rated voltage can be 9V-36V, energy-saving circuit board is equipped in the contactor and other coil voltage and coil lead length can be customized for your special requir..
Ex Tax:$205.67
Model: PEACO-SJD-300
The DC contactor relay offers main contact current 300A, optional auxiliary contact 1NO and 12V/ 24V coil rated voltage, The high voltage DC contactor has fast switching action, low energy consumption, low heat generation, is widely used in rail transit, mining machinery, electric vehicles, charging..
Ex Tax:$245.39
Model: PEACO-SJD-350
High voltage DC contactor features 350A rated current, optional auxiliary contact 1NO and 9V-36V coil rated voltage. High stability DC contactor relay provides energy-saving board, well suits for DC power supply control, battery switch control, circuit safety protection, etc. Reasonable DC contactor..
Ex Tax:$268.57
Model: PEACO-SJD-400
DC contactor is mainly used to control DC circuit, such as main circuit, control circuit and excitation circuit, etc. The 400A DC contact relay is available with energy-saving board, optional auxiliary contact 1NO, 9V-36V coil rated voltage, widely used in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicle ..
Ex Tax:$326.57
Model: PEACO-ADH30
High voltage DC contactor for sale, 30 amps rated load current, available with 12V or 24V coils, can switch DC loads at both low and high voltage from 12 to 1000VDC. Preferred contactor / relay for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, battery backup, photovoltaic, wind and wave power syst..
Ex Tax:$164.97
Model: PEACO-ADH50
High voltage contactor provides 50A high current, 12V/24V coil, rated load voltage 12-1000V DC, 750V high voltage, is sealed by epoxy resin to withstand a variety of harsh environments, widely used in DC fast charging stations, renewable energy storage systems. 12 Volt DC contactor, 24 Volt DC conta..
Ex Tax:$168.96
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