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20A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO

20A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
20A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
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  • Model: PEACO-DH20
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Small size DC contactor relay comes with 20A rated current, sectional 12V/ 24V DC coil voltage, one set normally open (SPST-NO), max. switching voltage 450V DC. The main contactor is equipped with a sealed structure, can work stably with the protection of inert gas. High performance DC contactor is widely used for new energy vehicles pre-charge.

Features and Benefits

  • 20A contact switching capability, max. switching voltage 450V DC.
  • The high voltage DC contactor has a set of normally open bridge contacts and the contact loop is non-polar.
  • Ceramic brazing technology is adopted, contacts will not be oxidized and can be quickly cut off at DC high voltage.
  • Compact size and light weight, sealed structure for main contact, suitable well for working continuously in harsh environment.
  • Flexible installation and 12V/ 24V/ 48V/ 60V various coil voltages are available to meet the various needs.
  • Low coil power consumption 3.5W with the DC contactor to effectively reduce the control loss. It is especially suitable to be used in battery-powered occasions to prolong the battery life.
  • Application: Energy storage system, electric vehicle, photovoltaic inverter, telecommunication equipment, AGV system, solar energy system, construction machinery, battery car, charging pile, train, ship, winch, uninterruptible power control system.

Technical parameters

Model PEACO-DH20
Contact form SPST-NO, 1NO
Rated load current of contact (at resistive load) 20A
Load type 450V type
Max. switching voltage 450V DC
Max. breaking current 35A (450VDC, >1 time)
Max. switching power 9kW
Electrical endurance (at resistive load) Switch: 10,000 times (450V, 20A)
Switch: 50,000 times (450V, 10A)
Connect: 100,000 times (450V, 20A)
Contact resistance ≤10mΩ (20A)
Pick-up time (at rated voltage) Max. 30ms
Drop-out time (at rated voltage) Max. 10ms
Vibration (sinusoid, 10~500Hz, peak) (10~500)Hz, ≤5g
Shock Stability ≤20g
Strength ≤50g
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+65℃
Relative humidity 20%~90%RH
Insulation resistance Min. 1000mΩ at 500V DC
Dielectric strength Between contact & coil 3000V AC 50Hz/60Hz (1 minute)
Between open contacts 2000V AC 50Hz/60Hz (1 minute)
Current carrying capacity 20A: continuous, 30A: 1h, 40A: 20mins, 80A: 30s, 120A: 10s, 200A: 0.6s
Mechanical life 300,000 times
Mounting direction Any direction
Working duty Continuous
Certification RoHS
Item weight About 50g
Coil Data
Model Coil voltage Coil operating voltage time Pick-up voltage Release voltage Maintain current Coil power
PEACO-DH20 12V 0.85μs~1.1μs ≤ 9V ≥ 1V ≤ 0.3A 2.5W~3.5W
24V ≤ 18V ≥ 2V ≤ 0.15A
48V ≤ 36V ≥ 4V ≤ 0.1A
60V ≤ 45V ≥ 5V ≤ 0.06A

DC Contactor Relay Dimension

DC Contactor Relay Dimension

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