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150A DC Contactor, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO

150A DC Contactor, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
150A DC Contactor, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
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  • Model: PEACO-DHV150
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High voltage DC contactor features 150A rated load current of contact, 1NO (SPST-NO) main contact, switching voltage up to 12V~900V. High stability DC contactor relay comes with optional auxiliary contact 1NO and energy-saving board to save power, longer service life, compact size and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

  • 150A contact switching capability, 1000V DC contactor with max. switching voltage 900V DC.
  • The high voltage DC contactor has a set of normally open bridge contacts (screw type) and the contact loop is non-polar.
  • Ceramic brazing technology is adopted, contacts will not be oxidized and can be quickly cut off at DC high voltage.
  • Compact size and light weight, sealed structure for main contact, suitable well for working continuously in harsh environment.
  • Flexible installation and 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC various coil voltages are available to meet the various needs.
  • Low coil power and energy-saving type DC contactor. Max. coil maintain power is up to 1.8W.
  • Optional coil lead length 150mm or 390mm or other customized length.
  • Application: Telecom equipment, solar system, engineering machinery, electro mobile, electric vehicle, charging system, train, ships, UPS, etc.
  • Lead time: 22~25 days, MOQ: 3 pieces. For similar unit with shorter lead time and MOQ-1, please visit at 150 Amps High Voltage DC Contactor.

Technical parameters

Model PEACO-DHV150 (energy saving type)
Contact form SPST-NO, 1NO
Rated load current of contact (at resistive load) 150A
Max. switch current 2000A (320V DC) 1 time
Switching voltage 12~900V DC
Contact voltage drop ≤ 80mV at 150A
Standard pick-up time (including contact bounce)
Max. 30ms
Contact bounce time
Max. 5ms
Release time Max. 10ms
Vibration (sinusoid, 80~2000Hz, peak) (80~2000)Hz, ≤20g
Shock (11ms, 1/2 sinusoid, peak, pick-up) ≤20g
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+65℃
Relative humidity 20%~90%RH
Insulation resistance Min. 100mΩ at 500V DC
Dielectric strength (between insulated electric parts)
2200V AC 50Hz/60Hz (1 minute), 1000VAC 50Hz/60Hz (1 minute) (between aux. contacts) Leak current<1mA
Mechanical life 300,000 times
Auxiliary contact arrangement*
Rated load of auxiliary contact
Working duty Continuous
Certification RoHS, CE
Item weight About 250g
Coil Data
Model Coil voltage* Coil operating voltage Pick-up voltage Release voltage Starting current Maintain current
PEACO-DHV150 9~36V 9~36V 8~9V 5.5~7V
3.8A 0.18A at 12V, 0.09A at 24V
32~95V 32~95V 29~31V 23~25V 1.3A 0.03A at 48V

DC Contactor Relay Dimension (Unit: mm)

DC Contactor without Aux Contact

DC Contactor Dimension

DC Contactor with Aux Contact

DC Contactor Dimension

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