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Brushless DC Motors

Model: PEACO-22RBL
Frame size 22*22mm inner rotor brushless motor is widely used in home appliance and industrial machines. 24V DC rated voltage, 3 phase, 8 poles. There are two 45mm and 68mm length internal rotor BLDC motors for your needs, 3.8 watt and 8 watte power, 4600rpm and 3800rpm working speed respectively. C..
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Model: PEACO-28BL
Inner rotor BLDC motor features 28mm frame size, 4 poles, three phase, optional 15V/ 24V DC, 4W, 15W, 21W rated power, 5mN.m, 14mN.m, 50mN.m rated torque, inner motor length up to 28mm, 38mm, 77mm. The hightlight of the internal rotor BLDC motor is that the rotor has smaller moment of inertia of the..
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Model: PEACO-33BL
Factory price inner rotor brushless DC motor has high speed up to 10000rpm, max. rated torque 50 mN.m, 40 watt power, optional 24V and 48V DC rated voltage, comes with gearbox, encoder, connector accessories for options. The 33*33mm size internal rotor BLDC motor is traditionally used for quick acce..
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36mm inner rotor brushless DC motor provides cost-effective construction, small size for high performance, highly efficient heat dissipation and competitive price. 3 phase, 8 poles, 24 voltages, 18W/ 24W and 4800rpm/ 4500rpm for your machines to choose. The inside rotor brushless DC motors can be cu..
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Model: PEACO-42BLB
3 phase 6 poles inner rotor brushless DC motor has good quality, with square frame size 42*42mm, 24V DC, 3000rpm running speed, more than 100 watt rated power. High performance internal rotor motor for power tools, robotic cleaners, sprayers, etc. high-speed applications. The inner rotor motors are ..
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Model: PEACO-42BLA
Inner rotor brushless DC motor with square frame size 42*42mm features three phase, 10 poles, 24 voltages and 3000rpm working speed. The optional rated power of the inner rotor BLDC motor is 22W, 50W, 81W and 113W for your selection. High performance internal rotor motor for power tools, robotic cle..
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Model: PEACO-42BLS
Inner rotor brushless DC motor for sale online, square frame size 42*42mm, 3 phase, 8 poles, 24V DC and 26W to 105W rated power. Options include connector, gearbox and encoder. The high quality gives the electric motor an incredible ability to run at high speeds, compact size and good heat dissipati..
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Model: PEACO-42RBL
Round type inner rotor BLDC motor offers 42mm diameter and lengths from 30mm to 93mm, continuous torques from 20 to 115mN.m and speeds up to 6300rpm. The quiet, efficient, brushless design of inside rotor brushless motor is very suitable for such applications where low noise and reliable, long ..
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Model: PEACO-57BLA
Inner rotor BLDC motor with high power ranging from 83W to 332W for options, 120℃ hall effect angle, 57mm diameter, 36V DC, high operating speed up to 4000rpm, max. rated torque 0.8N.m and peak torque from 0.6N.m to 2.4N.m, lengths vary from 53.6mm to 113.6mm. The internal rotor motor is used for qu..
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High power inner rotor BLDC motor comes with 3000rpm working speed, 36V rated voltage, 94W, 141W, 188W rated power, 57*57 square frame size, 0.3N.m, 0.45N.m, 0.6N.m rated torque and 120℃ hall effect angle. Great price and high quality inside rotor brushless motors to generate power and heat without ..
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Model: PEACO-D60BLD57-160A-50S
60*60mm square frame size inner rotor BLDC motor has factory price online and high performance, 5000rpm high working speed, 160V DC, 120 degree hall effect angle. High voltage brushless dc motor with 57W rated power, 0.44A rated current works efficiently. Custom BLDC motor is also available.Specific..
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Model: PEACO-70BLS
PEACO square inner rotor BLDC motor provides 70*70mm frame size, high power optional 157W, 314W, 471W for your machines, rated voltage up to 48V DC,  0.5N.m-1.5N.m for rated torque and 1.5N.m-4.5N.m peak torque. Small motor loss, low noise and high reliability brushless motor is easy to dissipa..
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