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Torque Sensor

A torque sensor is a transducer that converts a torsional mechanial input into an electrical output signal. Torque transducer can be classified into two categories, reaction torque sensor (static torque sensor) and rotary torque sensor (dynamic torque sensor) depending on the torque to be measured. Reaction torque sensor can measure non-rotating torque or torque with small rotating angle while rotary torque transducer is able to measure both rotating torque and non-rotating torque.

A digital load cell amplifier / transmitter can be matched can be used with the torque sensor supports RS485 communication interface and amplified signal output DC 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V which is proportional to the measured value. The amplifier is integrated with high accuracy 24-bit ADC, 80 times/s sampling speed making it suitable for both static measurement and dynamic measurement.

Model: PEACO-DYJN104
The micro torque sensor (reaction torque sensor) has a compact structure, IP65 protection grade, is made of aluminum alloy, 150%F.S. safety overload, 0.5 Nm~150 Nm capacity, -20℃~+80℃ operating temperature, and is easy to install. High-performance static torque sensor for measuring the torque of a s..
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Model: PEACO-DYJN101
The reaction torque sensor comes with flange-to-flange design, through a hole structure. 1 Nm/ 20 Nm/ 100 Nm/ 1000Nm/ 5000Nm /10000 Nm capacity, 0.1% F.S. repeatability, 5-wire connection. The static torque sensor signal is input to the signal transmitter and the transmitter outputs a variety of sta..
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Model: PEACO-DYJN102
This reaction torque sensor is a torque transducer for non-rotating torque measurement and for torque wrench calibration. Optional 1 Nm/ 5 Nm/ 10 Nm/ 20Nm/ 30Nm/ 50 Nm/ 100 Nm/ 200 Nm capacity, 2.0mV/V ±10% output sensitivity. A digital load cell amplifier can be matched can be used with the torque ..
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Model: PEACO-DYJN103
The flange to square drive reaction torque transducer is designed to measure static torque also known as reaction torque, and comes with 1 Nm-200 Nm capacity, affordable price, IP65 protection grade. A digital load cell amplifier matched with the torque sensor supports RS485 communication interface ..
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Model: Peaco-TS-N200
Rotary torque sensor comes with LCD display showing torque, speed and power value, featuring wide capacity 0.1 Nm, 0.3 Nm, 1 Nm, 10 Nm, 100 Nm, 1000 Nm, 5000 Nm, 10000 Nm. The dynamic torque sensor adopts waterproof aviation plug, high precision rotation shafts with starting torque 0.00001Nm only. W..
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Model: PEACO-DYN-207
Micro rotary torque sensor for testing automation equipment with high precision, capacity ranges from 0.05 Nm, 1 Nm, 5 Nm to 200 Nm. Two shafts for forward and reverse measurement, optional output signal DC 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, RS485. Reliable dynamic torque sensor used for motors, generators, ..
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Model: PEACO-DYN-205
Micro rotary torque sensor is a compact torque sensor for applications where torque measurement must be performed on a rotating shaft. 0.1 Nm, 0.2 Nm, 0.3 Nm, 0.5 Nm, 1 Nm, 2 Nm, 3 Nm, 5 Nm capacity for options. Two shafts for both forward and reverse measurement, output signal DC 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-..
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Model: PEACO-DYN-206
Rotary torque sensor with shaft-to-shaft design for torque, speed, and power measurement for motor, generator, reducer, diesel engine, torque wrench, etc., comes with a matched transmitter/amplifier. There are 2 Nm, 5 Nm, 10 Nm, 50 Nm, 100 Nm, 200 Nm to 800 Nm capacity, and it outputs both forward a..
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Shaft to shaft rotary torque sensor comes with a wide selection of capacity 5 Nm - 1000Nm, dynamic measurement of torque and speed, outputs both forward and reverse torque signals. High precision < ±0.2% F.S and stable and reliable performance. With transmitter for output signal DC 4-20..
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Model: Peaco-TS-N502
Rotary torque sensor is a non-contact torque sensor, installed between a power source and a load to accurately measure torque. 5 Nm-50000 Nm capacity, easy to get forward and reverse torque signal without repeated zero adjustment, no bearings between stationary housing and rotating disc, suitable fo..
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