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Electric Actuator

Model: PEACO-ZY-05
Electric valve actuator with a swinging arm can be matched with butterfly valve, ball valve and other 90°rotation valves, power supply DC 24V, AC 24V- 380V, 30Nm/ 50Nm, IP67, on-off. Over torque protection, heat dehumidifier. Made of Aluminum alloy casting, high quality, good price.Specification ..
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Model: PEACO-FY023
The hydraulic linear actuator is used to move loads in a straight line like an electric linear actuator. The electric hydraulic linear actuator features 12V/48V optional input voltages, max. 350mm stroke, max. 8000N load capacity, IP67 high protection level. Straight-forward cylinder design, high pe..
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Model: PEACO-NH63-S
Small hydraulic actuator with high force, 5T jacking force, and 3.5T retracting force suits well for lifting platforms, and industrial automation equipment, is equipped with 24V/48V DC motor, optional 100mm-450mm stroke. The high-performance hydraulic linear actuator is available with stable working..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-10
Brand-new electric ball valve or electric batterfly valve runs with 90°, power supply DC 24V/ AC 24V-380V, motor power 25W, output torque 80Nm/100Nm. Widely used in coal chemical, rubber, paper making and other pipelines as flow switching device.Specification Model PEACO-ZY-10 ..
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Model: PEACO-NH50S
Micro hydraulic actuator features compact design, 24V/48V optional input voltages, 50-700mm stroke length, and 3.2T jacking force are available. A high-performance hydraulic electric actuator is widely used in electric tricycles, sanitation vehicles, lifting platforms, assembly lines, industrial rob..
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Model: PEACO-NH40S
24V/48V DC electric hydraulic linear actuator provides 50~1000mm stroke, 2T jacking force, and 1.3T retracting force. There are optional travel speeds of 16-18mm/s, 25-27mm/s, and 36-38mm/s. Compact structure, convenient installation, and reliable quality, widely used in electric tricycles, sanitati..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-20
180Nm/200Nm electric valve actuator for sales, 0°-90° running angle, DC 24V, AC 24V, AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V, 25W valve actuator motor, can be matched with electric ball valve, batterfly valve, plug valve, etc. The electric actuator price is competetive and quality is high.Specification ..
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Model: PEACO-NH-32s
High-performance hydraulic linear actuator for 1.2T jacking force and 0.7T retracting force, works at optional 25-26mm/s, 39-40mm/s, 55-56mm/s speed, and the input voltage of 24V/ 48V DC. The stroke length can be chosen from 50mm to 800mm according to your needs. Small hydraulic linear actuators wit..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-40
Quarter turn electric valve actuator with 180Nm/ 400Nm, a wide range of power supply DC 24V, AC 24V to AC 380V for options, 25W valve actuator motor, can be installed with electric ball valve, batterfly valve, plug valve in various industrial automation process control.Specification Mode..
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Model: PEACO-TG-20S
The small hydraulic actuator is a kind of high-speed hydraulic actuator utilizing the basic functions of a DC motor, whose speed is up to 26~30mm/s, 50~58mm/s. Input voltage of 12V/24V/48V DC, jacking force and retracting force are 400kg and 110kg respectively, widely used in furniture, office desks..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-50
Electric valve actuator for electric ball valve, batterfly valve, plug valve, on/ off type, 500Nm torque, 90 degrees angle of rotation, 90W valve actuator motor power. Voltage Options are AC 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V. The electric actuator is widely used in water treatment, chemical, paper making.Specif..
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Model: PEACO-TG50-180
The small hydraulic actuator comes with a high-performance DC motor, working speed up to 5~6mm/s, 10~12mm/s, input voltage of 12V/24V/48VDC, 220VAC, jacking force 2.5T, widely used in furniture, office desk, medical bed, and industrial equipment.Hydraulic Linear Actuator FeaturesThe hydraulic electr..
Ex Tax:$499.37
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