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Linear Electric Actuator

PEACO SUPPORT electric linear actuator offers top quality in every detail and ensures reliable performance in temperatures ranging from -40° to +85 °C, features optional signal feedback potentionmeter or hall sensor, 50N to 14KN load capacity, 50mm-1200mm stroke, 5.5 to 80mm/s travel speed.

The Micro linear actuator and miniature linear actuator with small size well suited to applications that require short linear movements. While the heavy duty and industrial linear actuator with heavy load are applicable for various industrial automation facilities. The linear actuators are very tough and durable actuators with a high IP66 degree, aluminium housing for applications operating in rough environments.

We support standard & customized linear actuators for your requirement and all actuators have very compitive price and stable operation. Choose one suitable electric linear actuator here for your facility now.

Model: PEACO-DJ817G
Low speed linear actuator provides 1mm/s±10% travel speed, 24V/ 48V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 20kN, max. static load 50kN (half way), 200mm~400mm stroke length. Front and rear end can be Φ25 joint bearing or the custom M20*1.5 male screw, length: 40mm. Hall sensor position feedback is optional.S..
Ex Tax:$599.05
Model: PEACO-DJ810
High speed linear actuator comes with 32mm/s travel speed, 12V/ 24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 4000N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, aluminum alloy shaft, limit switches built at both ends, hall sensor position feedback is available. It is also a hospital bed linear actuator wide..
Ex Tax:$169.68
Model: PEACO-HTA28
Micro electric actuator provides low noise, compact installation size and optional hall sensor. 12V/ 24V input voltage, 300N - 2500N, 50mm - 450mm stroke are availbale to choose. The small linear actuactor is especially suitable for X-ray machine or other medical applications and can also be used in..
Ex Tax:$215.84
Model: PEACO-DJ806
Brand-new micro linear actuator for sale online, waterproof design, 12V/ 24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 1200N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, 5.5 to 80mm/s travel speed, signal feedback potentiometer or hall sensor is provided to meet your needs. Cost-effective electric linear ac..
Ex Tax:$199.68
Model: PEACO-DJ825
Good price medical linear actuator comes with 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 2000N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, 6 to 15mm/s travel speed, IP65 protection, waterproof and low noise. The hospital bed linear actuator is widely used in electric nursing bed, electric..
Ex Tax:$218.39
Model: PEACO-DJ809
Miniature linear actuator features 12V/24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 2000N, 50mm~600mm stroke length, 400mm max. stroke without sensor, optional signal feedback potentiometer or hall sensor. IP 65. New low price electric linear actuator for industrial application.FeaturesWith miniature DC perman..
Ex Tax:$269.67
Model: PEACO-DJ801
Small linear actuator with 12V/24V DC is well suited for furniture application, featuring micro DC permanent magnet motor, small size, easy installation, 12V/24V DC input voltage, hall sensor for options, 4.7mm/s-28mm/s no-load speed, max. dynamic load up to 6000N, 50mm~600mm stroke length, aluminum..
Ex Tax:$179.79
Model: PEACO-HTA18
Micro electric actuator features compact design, protection grade IP65 and easy installation. Input voltage 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC are available, 250N - 3500N, 100mm - 500mm stroke, 4mm/s - 54mm/s full load speed for options for your special needs. Linear actuator with potentiometer feedback is also ..
Ex Tax:$206.84
Model: PEACO-HTA15
Compact electric actuator provides 12V/ 24V input voltage, 200N-1200N load capacity, 50mm-450mm stroke, 4mm/s-22.7mm/s full load speed is available to choose for your needs. The micro electric actuator is suitable for industrial machinery, ventilation systems or food and beverage automation equipmen..
Ex Tax:$225.89
Model: PEACO-HTA25
High performance hospital bed actuator for sale. Featuring 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC voltage, max. load 3500N, 50mm~800mm or ≥ 800mm stroke length available, waterproof and low noise. Cost-effective medical linear actuator suits well for in electric nursing bed, electric hospital bed, personal care bed,..
Ex Tax:$224.65
Model: PEACO-DJ830
Waterproof linear actuator is equipped with built-in limit switches and clutch double protection, hall feedback signal device can be added. Heavy duty linear actuator with high force comes with DC permanent magnet motor, stainless steel piston rod, 4.0mm/s-28.5mm/s for options, 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC..
Ex Tax:$285.96
Model: PEACO-DJ808
Heavy Duty linear actuator is an ideal electric linear actuator for ground cleaning machine, scrubber, etc. 12V/24V DC voltage, optional signal feedback potentiometer/hall sensor. 2000N-7000N load, 50mm~600mm stroke length. IP 65 grade. Built-in limit switch and clutch dual protection.For more indus..
Ex Tax:$398.95
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