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Model: PEACO-DG3500SE
3 kW silent diesel generator for sale, featuring 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, wide range of rated output AC voltage, single phase or three phase for options. Powered by air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine. The small quiet diesel generator is widely used for air conditioner, stove, refrigerators, e..
Ex Tax:$3,406.89
Model: PEACO-DG6500SE
Buy small diesel generator in Peaco Support. 5 kW silent diesel generator provides best diesel engine, 50Hz or 60Hz frequency and single phase or three phase for selection. 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V voltage can be chosen. Useful single phase silent generator or 3 phase silent generator for charging car..
Ex Tax:$4,197.66
Model: PYD-300HT
300W wind turbine provides low wind speed start-up (1.9m/s), horizontal axis, high wind power utilization, light weight and low vibration, 12V or 24V rated voltage and 3/6 wind turbine blades for selection. The wind turbine generator is designed with optimized structure, aerodynamic shape, which enh..
Ex Tax:$474.57
Model: PEACO-DG7500SE
Portable diesel generator has good performance and best price, 6 kW at 60Hz or 6.0 kW at 50Hz, long continuous work and energy-saving diesel engine with single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical and air-cooled design. Offering great durability, low vibration, quiet operation. Single phase and three phase ..
Ex Tax:$4,997.58
Model: PYD-400HT
Wind turbine features 400W rated power, maximum power up to 420W, 12V or 24V rated voltage and 3 0r 6 wind turbine blades for options, horizontal axis, designed for long-lasting use, less noisy, more efficient to provide economical, clean, renewable energy.Specification Model PY..
Ex Tax:$591.57
Model: PEACO-DG10000SE
7kW silent diesel generator for commercial and consumer duty use, comes with 1 phase and 3 phase, several rated AC voltage to choose, 50Hz / 60Hz and high efficient diesel engine to run, featuring low noise level of 69 dB, high safety, stability and dependability on your jobs and projects. CE and IS..
Ex Tax:$5,679.88
Model: PNE-600M4
600W wind turbine for sale, equipped with 3 blades, horizontal axis design, wind wheel diameter up to 1.85m, 24V or 48V rated voltage for option. Permanent magnet generator and special stator are used to effectively reduces torque resistance and guarantees stability.Specification M..
Ex Tax:$798.94
Model: PEACO-DG11000SE
Silent diesel generator is powered by an industrial diesel engine producing 8 kilowatts of continuous prime power, single phase / 3 phase, 120V, 120/240V, 220/380V rated AC voltage can be selected. Ideal quiet diesel generator for RVs, trailers, trucks that require quiet, clean and dependable power...
Ex Tax:$6,578.59
Model: PNE-700M4
700W wind turbine for sale, designed with horizontal axis, three nylon fiber blades, 1.85m wind wheel diameter, three phase permanent magnetic generator and 24V or 48V rated voltage. Human-friendly design, easy to install and maintain. Best for home use, camping, wind-solar hybrid streetlight use, e..
Ex Tax:$879.67
Model: PEACO-DG12000SE
9 kW diesel generator features air cooled, 4 stroke, two-cylinder silent, single phase and three phase, 50Hz/60Hz available. Double handles and 360° solid rubber wheel for convenient move. Low fuel consumption and high quality silent diesel generator for commercial and industrial duty use.Diesel Gen..
Ex Tax:$7,889.85
Model: PEACO-DG15000SE
High quality 10 kW silent diesel generator comes with double handles and four universal wheels for convenient use, big fuel tank for long operation time 10 hours and muffler to reduce noise level. High performance and competitive price portable diesel generator with optional single phase or three ph..
Ex Tax:$8,747.55
Model: PNE-800M5
800W wind turbine features 3 distinctive blades that have a low start-up torque and wind speed 2.5m/s, increasing its efficiency. wind wheel diameter up to 2.2m, 24V/48V optional rated voltage. Can be used predominantly on farms and rural installations for power where there is no grid connection ava..
Ex Tax:$995.65
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