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3 kW Silent Diesel Generator

3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
3 kW Silent Diesel Generator
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  • Model: PEACO-DG3500SE
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3 kW silent diesel generator for sale, featuring 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, wide range of rated output AC voltage, single phase or three phase for options. Powered by air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine. The small quiet diesel generator is widely used for air conditioner, stove, refrigerators, etc. in family and worksites. Small diesel generator with great durability, low vibration, easy to move.
Diesel Generator Specification
Model PEACO-DG3500SE
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Rated Output / Max. Output 2.8 kW/3.0 kW 3.0 kW/3.3 kW
Continuous Work 13 hours 11.8 hours
Rated AC Voltage 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 120/240V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V
Phase Single phase or three phase
DC Output 12.0/8.3 V/A
Alternator Type Self-excited
Starting System Electric
Noise Level at 7m 68-72 dB
Power Factor cosΦ=1
Fuel Tank Capacity 16L
Certification CE, ISO9001
Warranty 1 year
Package Dimension 940*560*760mm
Gross Weight 136 kg
Note: Such rated voltages like "240/110V" below are a dual supply voltage. It is 1-phase 240V or 1-phase 110V for generator output.
Engine Specification
Model HR178F
Engine Type Air-cooled diesel engine, single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical
Bore*Stroke 78*62mm
Displacement Capacity 296cc
Fuel >0# or -10# light diesel oil
Lubrication Oil Volume 1.1L
Combustion System Direct Injection
Optional Configuration
DC circuit breaker, calculagraph, big wheel, three phase voltage, current meter, ATS, remote control. (Please contact us if needed.)
1. 3kw diesel generator for home is enclosed in a sound shielded cover, providing low noise and reliable operation.
2. The small silent generator is equipped with air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical diesel engine, energy saving, low fuel consumption and low emission.
3. The portable silent generator comes with oil alert system as well as an automatic engine shut off function, comes with standard configuration (two AC output sockets, one AC circuit breaker, voltmeter, oil warning light and oil alert).
Diesel Generator Output Sockets (Optional)
Diesel Generator Output Sockets
Basic Structure of Diesel Generator
The basic structure of a diesel generator is composed of a diesel engine and a generator. The diesel engine drives the generator to generate electricity. Diesel engine structure consists of cylinders, pistons, cylinder heads, intake valves, exhaust valves, piston pins, connecting rods, crankshafts, bearings and flywheels. The diesel engine of diesel generator is generally a single-cylinder or multi-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine.
The basic working principle of a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine will be stated below. The starting of a diesel engine is to turn the crankshaft of the diesel engine by manpower or other power to make the piston sealed at the top of the cylinder in reciprocating movement up and down. The piston completes four strokes in motion, which are intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and power (expansion) stroke and exhaust stroke.
When the piston moves from top to bottom, the intake valve opens and the fresh air filtered by the air filter enters the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. The piston moves from bottom to top, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, the air is compressed and then the temperature and pressure are increased. At last, the compression process is completed.
When the piston is about to reach the apex, the fuel injector sprays the filtered fuel into the combustion chamber as a mist and mixes with the high-temperature and high-pressure air to immediately ignite and burn. The produced high pressure pushes the piston down to perform work and pushes the crankshaft to rotate to complete the work stroke.
After the work stroke is completed, the piston moves from bottom to top, then the exhaust valve opens to exhaust and the exhaust stroke is completed. The crankshaft rotates half a turn per stroke. After several working cycles, the diesel engine gradually accelerates into work under the inertia of the flywheel.

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