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Brakes and Clutches

The magnetic particle clutch transmits torque based on the electromagnetic principle and the use of magnetic powder. The clutch has a linear relationship between excitation current and transmission torque as well as table rotational speed and can transmit a certain torque regardless of slip. What’s more, its heat sink works effectively. As a result, it has the advantages of fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no impact and vibration, and energy saving. The magnetic powder clutch is a multi-purpose automatic control component with superior performance, and they are widely appliable for buffer start, overload protection, speed regulation, tension control of winding in winding system, etc. While magnetic powder brakes are widely used in various machinery for different purposes of braking, power test loading, unwinding tension control, etc.

PEACO SUPPORT magnetic particle clutches and brakes have a wide range of applications, including printing machinery, paper machinery, bag-making machinery, paper-making machinery, wire and cable machinery, wire winding machinery, wire machinery, packing and bagging machinery, textile machinery, weaving machinery, woodworking machinery, test equipment, load simulation, precision tension control of various machinery, general industrial equipment and other general industrial machinery.