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Current Sensor


Model: P-DJI-A
AC/DC Current Sensor features AC 0-10A measuring range of input current 0-5mA, 0-50mA, 0-100mA, 0-1A, 0-5A, 0-10A (optional), customizable power supply DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, AC220V, fast response, high accuracy. Best for measuring current in a circuit.SpecificationModel: P-DJI-AMeasuring range of in..
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Model: P-DJI-B
AC current sensor comes with a wide measuring range of input current, customizable output signal AC 0-150A and DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, and AC220V power supply available for selection, The current transducer can be used to measure and calculate the amount of current applied to the conductor without aff..
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Model: P-DJI-C
Reliable AC Current Sensor with AC 0-400A input range, optional output signal, and power supply, through-hole style, lightweight, high accuracy, factory direct sale. They are widely used in electrical installations, automatic control, and dispatching systems in electric power, post and telecommunica..
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Model: P-DJI-D
The AC current sensor provides high-quality, outstanding performance and value. 1000Amp large current measuring applications in the fields of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, DC4-20mA, DC 0-1V / 2V / 5V / 10V, DC 1-5V / 10V customizable output signal, optional DC12V / 24V, AC110V / 220V power ..
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