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NEMA 23 Stepper Motor

Model: P-57BYGHM241-276
Nema 23 stepper motor comes with 14 models and 0.9 deg. step angle. Each phase draws 1A/ 2A/ 3A, allowing for holding torque of 1.45Nm/ 0.48Nm/ 0.75Nm/ 0.96A/ 1.5A, 57x57mm frame size. High torque and reliable quality.Technical ParameterStep Angle Accuracy: ±5% (full load)Resistance Accuracy..
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Model: P-57HS41-112
NEMA 23 stepper motor features 24V rated voltage, 2.0A-4.0A rated current, 4 leads, 1.8 degree step angle and 57*57mm frame size. High quality, factory price and free shipping. Widely used in 3D printers, robot arms, engraving machines, film cutting machines, monitoring equipment and other occasions..
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Model: P-57BYGH241-2115
Nema 23 hybrid high torque stepper motor comes with 1.8 degree step angle, 57x57mm frame size, 4 or 8 wires, 1.0A/ 2.0A/ 3.0A/ 4.0A rated current and 0.45Nm/ 0.65Nm/ 0.75Nm/ 1.0Nm/ 1.2Nm/ 2.0Nm/ 2.7Nm and 3.2Nm holding torque.Technical ParameterStep Angle Accuracy: ±5% (full load)Resistance ..
Ex Tax:$75.99
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