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800W Wind Turbine, 24V/48V, 3 Blades

800W Wind Turbine, 24V/48V, 3 Blades
800W Wind Turbine, 24V/48V, 3 Blades
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800W wind turbine features 3 distinctive blades that have a low start-up torque and wind speed 2.5m/s, increasing its efficiency. wind wheel diameter up to 2.2m, 24V/48V optional rated voltage. Can be used predominantly on farms and rural installations for power where there is no grid connection available.
Model PNE-800M5 Start-up Wind Speed2.5m/s
Rated Power 800W Rated Wind Speed 12.0m/s
Maximum Power 820W Safe Wind Speed 35m/s
Rated Voltage 24V/48V Wind Wheel Diameter 2.2m
Wind Turbine Blades Qty 3 Controller System Electromagnet
Blades Material Nylon fiber Wind Direction Adjustment Automatic adjustment of wind angle
Generator Type Three-phase AC permanent magnet Installation Flange DN20
Magnetic Steel Material NdFeB Working Temperature -40°C~80°C
Generator Shell Material Die-casting Aluminum Certificate CE
Net Weight 28.0 kg Service Life 15 years
Gross Weight 32.0 kg Warranty 3 years
1. Low start-up wind speed. The lowest speed is up to 2.0m/s and the starting with breeze can be achieved.
2. High wind energy utilization and large annual power generation.Blades are molded through precision injection with new technology and generator is three phase AC permanent magnetic. It's a clean energy solution for a new generation of wind turbine.
3. High quality. The tail part is made of high quality ABS material and blades are manufactured with nylon fiber.
4. Light weight, strong stability. It's easy to install, operates with low vibration and the cost is reduced.
5. High efficiency. The thickness of the coil is a key part of the power generation. The stator windings are enlarge and and quality copper wires are adopted to improve the power generation efficiency of the motor at low speed.
6. High performance. Rotor magnet thickness is increased and double bearings are upgraded. Double ball bearings are used to prevent vertical vibration, improve efficiency, reduce noise and increase yaw stability.
7. Wide Application. Ideal for home use, camping in forest, monitoring use, boat/marine use, wind-solar hybrid streetlight use, etc.
800W Wind Turbine Details
800W Wind Turbine Exploded View and Dimension (Unit: mm)
800W Wind Turbine Exploded View800W Wind Turbine Dimension
1. Wind turbine body 2. Wind turbine flange seat 3. Tower 4. Wind turbine shaft 5. Wind hub 6. Wind wheel 7. Lock nut
8. Fairing 9. Bolt 10. Flat washer 11. Elastic washer 12. Nuts 13. Stainless steel nut 14. Anti-loose nut 15. Rubber pad

KNOWLEDGE BASE --- How does wind turbine generate electricity?
1. This process of wind power generation is initiated by the turbine blade/rotor. The aerodynamically designed blades start to rotate by the wind as the wind blows.
2. When the blades of wind turbine rotate, the kinetic energy of the movement is transferred to the inside of the turbine by means of a low-speed shaft, which will rotate at a speed of approximately 30 to 60 rpm.
3. The low-speed shaft is connected to the gearbox which is a transmission device responsible for increasing the speed from about 30 to 60 rpm to reach the rotation speed required by the generator (usually between 1,000 and 1,800 rpm).
4. The high-speed shaft transfers the kinetic energy from the gearbox to the generator and then the generator starts to rotate to generate electrical energy.
5. At last, the electricity produced by generator will be fed down from the turbine tower via high-voltage cables and will usually be fed to the grid or used as a local power source.

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