High voltage DC contactor (HVDC contactor) is a switching device used in high-voltage DC transmission systems to control and regulate the transmission of current. Compared with the traditional AC transmission system, the high-voltage DC transmission system has the some advantages, such as small transmission loss, long transmission distance and strong adaptability. The high voltage DC relay is the core device of the high-voltage DC transmission system, whose function is to open, close and control the high-voltage DC current supply, so as to regulate the energy transmission stably and reliably during the power transmission process.


As a key component used to achieve electrical isolation and connection in high-voltage DC circuits, the rated voltage and interruption capacity of high-voltage DC contactors are much higher than those of traditional AC contactors, mainly due to the The arc created when a circuit is broken is difficult to extinguish.

High voltage DC contactor is a key device used to disconnect or connect high-voltage DC circuits. Its working principle is based on electrical contact, achieving a conductive state when the power is on and a disconnected state when the power is off. Its key components include contacts, insulating media and control systems. When the control system sends a signal, the contacts are compressed to allow current to flow. When the power is off, the contacts separate, cutting off the current. In order to ensure reliable electrical performance and long-term stability, the design and manufacturing of high-voltage DC contactors require precision processes. Our DC high voltage relays have the advantages of high-speed switching, low energy consumption, long life, and can also adapt to various complex power transmission scenarios.


High voltage DC contactors have the following advantages in power transmission, transformation and distribution application.

  • Reliability: When the high voltage DC relay disconnects the circuit, it can quickly extinguish the arc, avoid arc damage to equipment and personnel and improve the system reliability as well.
  • Stability: In power systems, high-voltage contactors can be used to quickly control current to cope with grid instability and power fluctuations.
  • Energy saving: The transmission loss of the high-voltage DC system is less, which can improve the energy efficiency and power utilization of the power grid.
  • Environmental protection: The high-voltage DC system adopts DC transmission, which avoids electromagnetic radiation and capacitive current in AC transmission, causing less environmental pollution.


  • Electric power transmission and distribution station: High-voltage DC technology has obvious advantages in long-distance and large-capacity power transmission, and is especially suitable for areas with complex terrains such as mountains and waters. High voltage relays are widely used in transmission stations and substations to control the distribution and transmission of DC current. They not only reduce power consumption, but also ensure the safety of the power system and improve the overall stability of the system.
  • Renewable energy integration: The high-voltage contactors also play an important role in renewable energy transmission, which can realize interconnection between different energy sources and promote the effective use of clean energy. With the rapid development of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, HVDC contactors play a key role in integrating these energy sources into the grid. They help to transmit DC (direct current) generated by renewable energy sources to the inverter.
  • Industrial automation: High voltage DC contactor is also widely used in the field of industrial automation to control various equipment and systems, improve production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Electric vehicle charging equipment: With the rise of electric vehicles and electric public transportation, high voltage DC contactors play a key and important role in electric vehicle charging equipment, helping to achieve high-energy charging and power management.

DC Contactor for Electric Vehicle Charging Station

DC Contactor for Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Agricultural Machinery Equipment - Harvester

DC Contactor for Agricultural Machinery Equipment - Harvester

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