The coil design in the DC contactor is like this: after the switching power supply is turned on, the amount of current is transformed into an electromagnetic field according to the coil to make the static iron core contain the current capacity magnet adsorption force, push the iron core and perform the contact function. If the contacts are often turned off to show a broken situation and if it is often used, the contacts are closed and the two are connected to each other. After we cut off the power, the magnetic attraction force of the coil caused by the effect of the current flow will disappear and the open and closed contacts may be disconnected.

Peaco Support high voltage DC contactors come with 30A-300A rated load current, 12V/24V coil voltage and Other coil rated voltages can be customized for your needs. The DC contactors features normally open type (SPST-NO, 1NO) contact form, continuous working duty, 147m/s2 (6 ms) stability, 490m/s2 (6 ms) strength, 20G max. sine 80Hz-2000Hz vibration. High quality with longer service life, 1,000,000 times mechanical life, IP67 protection grade. Other rated current of DC contactors can be customized for your special requirements.

How much does a high voltage DC contactor cost? Peaco Support provides competitive price for customers worldwide and the following is the high voltage DC contactor price list on

High Voltage DC Contactor Price

Model Contact Form Rated Load Current Coil Voltage Weight SKU Price
PEACO-ADH30 SPST-NO, 1NO 30A 12V/24V 130g PEACO-ADH30 $85.66
PEACO-ADH50 SPST-NO, 1NO 50A 12V/24V 230g PEACO-ADH50 $122.61
PEACO-ADH100 SPST-NO, 1NO 100A 12V/24V 230g PEACO-ADH100 $155.47
PEACO-ADH100-2K SPST-NO, 2NO 100A 12V/24V 530g PEACO-ADH100-2K $228.61
PEACO-ADH150 SPST-NO, 1NO 150A 12V/24V 440g PEACO-ADH150 $184.67
PEACO-ADH200 SPST-NO, 1NO 200A 12V/24V 470g PEACO-ADH200 $187.67
PEACO-ADH300 SPST-NO, 1NO 300A 12V/24V 440g PEACO-ADH300 $205.21

High-voltage DC contactor is a very important equipment for automobiles, so how to choose a high-voltage DC contactor for your applications?

To begin with, the load current is determined. The automotive high-voltage contactors include not only high-voltage DC contactor but also high-voltage AC contactor. When choosing, users should first determine whether a DC load or an AC load is needed.

Secondly, users should choose the load size. If you decide to buy a DC load, you should choose the size of the load according to the specific conditions of your car to see if your car needs a general load, a light load or a heavy load, and then make a choice for that.

What's more, the rated current should be considered. It is also important for contactor buyers to determine the large current that the main contact can allow. This large current is what we call the rated current. When using a high-voltage DC contactor, it is necessary to reduce the large allowable current of the main contact to another level to ensure the safety of use.

Additionally, operating frequency is also a factor to choose. If you operate the contacts too frequently, which means there are more times of current input and current disconnection per hour. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient safety during use, it is recommended that you should choose one DC contactor with a larger rated current when purchasing it.

At last, you should consider coil voltage when selecting. The choice of coil voltage depends on the length of time when you use the contact and the complexity of the entire circuit. This coil voltage has some fixed specifications for you to choose. Peaco Support provides a wide range of high voltage DC contactors with different coil rated voltages, including 12 volt DC contactor, 24 volt DC contactor, 48 volt DC contactor, etc.