A diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment, which is a power machine that uses diesel oil as a fuel and a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a generator to generate electricity. Small diesel generator is one of them, featuring relatively low power (usually<30kw). Such small diesel generators are widely used for small boats, RV, etc. at home or outdoors.

What are the advantages of a small diesel generator?

1. Small diesel generator has a fast starting speed and can reach full power in just a few seconds. It can take full load within 1 minute in an emergency (normally 5~30 mins) and features short shutdown duration and can be started and stopped frequently.

2. The small silent generator is reliable, durable and safe. Because there are less harmful substances emitted and there is no ignition system as well as less faults.

3. The advantages of small portable diesel generators features super silence and will not have bad impact on normal work.

4. Diesel generator has the lowest overall cost for power generation, comes with economy fuel, high thermal efficiency (30%~46%) and low fuel consumption.

5. Although the small diesel generator has low power, it features small size, light weight, convenient use with handles and 360° universal wheels and full accessories, making it easy to operate and maintain. The small diesel generator set is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage battery for starting and control, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole set can be installed on the foundation for fixed use or mounted on a trailer for mobile use.

6. The quiet diesel generators are widely used for a wide range of applications, such as mines, railways, construction sites, roads, supermarkets, hotels, factories, server rooms, hospitals, and well suit for camping and household use as backup power or temporary power.

Small diesel generators are suitable for long-term use. Thus, the maintenance of those diesel generators is generally simpler than that of gasoline generators. However, the usual maintenance for diesel generators is still to be done. The following is the general maintenance methods.

How to maintain a small diesel generator regularly?

1. Clean the diesel filter and oil filter regularly or replace them according to the working conditions on site.

2. Check the terminals of the battery pack regularly and keep the terminals clean.

3. It is necessary to check for the charging status of the battery pack regularly to ensure a good charging effect.

4. Users need to inspect the fan belt regularly to ensure that it is not damaged and has normal tightness.

5. The coolant status should be checked regularly to ensure that it meets the requirements.

6. Check the circuit of the motor excitation part of the diesel generator and proceed the dust removal for the part.

7. Regularly check or replace the diesel engine oil to ensure that the oil level is normal.

8. Ensure that the preheating device of the generator works normally in winter, so that the generator can be started normally and smoothly when necessary.

9. Check the oil level of the diesel tank before each starting and keep it full.

10. Regularly clean the dust on the outer surface of the generator.

11. If it is a water-cooled diesel generator, it is also necessary for users to regularly check the circulating cooling water system (water pump, water volume, etc.) as well as the control system.

12. Replace the cooling water in the diesel generator, measure and record its pH value.

Check the generator tank and conduct its external cleaning.

13. Check whether each connection point in the silent generator needs lubrication, especially check whether the governor lever can rotate flexibly.

14. Operators need to conduct power generation experiments, check and record meter readings.

15. Users should deal with diesel water and clean diesel filters regularly.