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Variable Frequency Drives

Model: PEACO-FC280-4T-110G/132P
Heavy duty 150 hp (110 kW) VFD direct from the factory is compatible with the 3-phase AC induction motor having a voltage range of 220V to 660V. High-performance AC drive for advanced motor control supports V/f control mode and vector control mode, widely used in three-phase induction motors. A..
Ex Tax:$4,674.58
Model: PEACO-FC280-4T-132G/160P
New style variable frequency drive for 3 phase motor features 175 hp (132 kW) rated capacity with phase voltage 220V to 1140V. High efficiency 3 phase AC drive is used to control the speed of an electrical motor by varying the frequency and voltage of its power supply. Our VFDs have operating featur..
Ex Tax:$5,328.69
Model: PEACO-FC280-4T-160G/200P
3-phase variable frequency drive features with 220V to 1140 V three phases input and output voltage. Our 160 kW VFD can be used with a 50/60Hz input frequency and features protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc. AC drives are a compact structure, easy installatio..
Ex Tax:$6,789.67
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