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6 kVA hospital isolation transforme features 1V-500V primary voltage & secondary voltage, aluminum winding and copper winding, enclosed / open type for options, 1:1 transformation ratio. High performance medical isolation transformer suits for medical electronics, high end test equipment or labo..
Ex Tax:$3,788.57
Low price 7 kVA medical grade isolation transforme features single phase, a wide selection of primary voltage & secondary voltage, 1: 1 transformation ratio, made of H-class enameled aluminum/copper wire, steel plate shell is optional. Useful electrical isolation transformer for different medica..
Ex Tax:$3,968.67
Brand-new medical grade isolation transformer provides 8 kVA rated capacity, single phase, 240V primary voltage & 240V secondary voltage, other voltages can be customized. High quality medical isolation transformer with CE certified, made of H-class enameled aluminum/copper wire. Affordable pric..
Ex Tax:$4,265.67
Competitive price medical isolation transformer online now. 9 kVA rated capacity, single phase, 110V/ 208V/ 240V/ 440V/ 480V primary voltage & 24V/ 120V/ 240V/ 380V/ 440/ 480V secondary voltage, other voltages can be custom made. High performance hospital isolation transformer is widely used in ..
Ex Tax:$4,665.99
10 kVA medical isolation transformer features a wide selection of primary voltage & secondary voltage, transformer winding material can be enameled copper or aluminum wire, the transformer shell is optional. High efficiency, good price step up isolation transformer/step down isolation transforme..
Ex Tax:$5,065.24
Model: PEACO-C120VA
120VA toroidal transformer for audio amplifiers comes primary windings and twin secondary windings (110V, 120V, 220V, 230V to 12V, 24V, 2 x 12V, 2 x 35V and more), which you can connect either in series or in parallel to build multiple circuit layouts. Low frequency 50Hz/60Hz, no-load loss <2.5W, hi..
Ex Tax:$122.64
Model: PEACO-C150VA
150VA toroidal transformer for audio amplifiers is also known as low frequency transformer, featuring single phase 120V/230V input voltage to 12V/48V output voltage, 50Hz/60Hz rated frequency, full copper toroidal transformer winding. Quality toroidal transformer core comes with low loss and low noi..
Ex Tax:$132.64
Model: PEACO-C200VA
200VA toroidal transformer provides a primary voltage rating of 110V/ 220V/ 230 V AC and a secondary voltage rating of 12V/ 24V/ 2x30V/ 2x50V AC, low energy dissipation, low loss and low noise. High performance 30-0-30 toroidal transformer is widely used to power electrical appliances such as comput..
Ex Tax:$146.39
Model: PEACO-C300VA
300VA toroidal transformer for sale, 110V/120V/220V/240V AC primary voltages, secondary voltages ranges from 2 x 6VAC to 2 x 115VAC. Twin secondary windings can be connected in series or parallel or used independently. 100% electrical and flash tested. Widely used in industrial, power management. Go..
Ex Tax:$153.59
Model: PEACO-C500VA
High power 5000VA toroidal transformer features 1-phase 230V input voltage to dual 2x35V (35-0-35) output voltage and other optional input & output voltages, 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency. High-efficiency transformer with quality toroidal transformer core, designed for easy toroidal transformer mount..
Ex Tax:$189.67
Model: PEACO-C600VA
600VA toroidal transformer features fiberglass sleeve with high insulation grade, high electrical strength and UL leads, a wide selection of input and output voltages, 120V/230V to dual 30V/50V, 50Hz/60Hz frequency. Cost-effective toroidal transformers are widely used in medical equipment, automatic..
Ex Tax:$227.39
Model: PEACO-C800VA
800VA toroidal transformer provides pure copper windings, smaller no-load standby losses, 96% high energy conversion efficiency. High performance 230V AC to 50-0-50 V toroidal transformer comes with no interference, small magnetic leakage, widely used in electrical equipment, automation control equi..
Ex Tax:$275.69
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