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200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC

200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
200VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V AC, 30-0-30V AC
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200VA toroidal transformer provides a primary voltage rating of 110V/ 220V/ 230 V AC and a secondary voltage rating of 12V/ 24V/ 2x30V/ 2x50V AC, low energy dissipation, low loss and low noise. High performance 30-0-30 toroidal transformer is widely used to power electrical appliances such as computers, home theatre installations and cordless power tools.


    • High temperature resistance up to 130℃. High polymer PET polyester film, good insulation performance.
    • High silicon toroidal transformer core with full copper wire windings, smooth and flat with small gap, longer service life.
    • Double insulated enameled wire winding, standardized winding process and welding level.
    • QZ-2 industrial copper wire, double insulation, high mechanical strength, low operating noise, little interference, high stability.
    • Energy-conserving, smaller no-load standby losses, higher energy conversion efficiency up to 96%.
    • Normal working at -30℃. No high frequency electromagnetic radiation.
    • The toroidal power transformer is widely used in medical equipment, automatic control equipment, home appliance speaker equipment, security monitoring equipment, broadcasting system, solar wind energy, electronic communication, etc.


    Model PEACO-C200VA
    Rated power 200VA (Max.)
    Input voltage* 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
    Output voltage* 2x6V, 2X12V, 2X15V, 2X24V, 2X30V, 2X35V, 2X40V, 2X50V, 2X115V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V
    Rated current 11.2A (Max.)
    Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    No-load loss <4W
    Voltage strength PRI-SEC: DC2500V
    Insulation impedance PRI-SEC: ≥500MΩ
    Input lead UL1015-16# RED RED 250mm
    Output lead UL1015-16# YLW YLW 250mm
    Net weight 2.3 kg
    Product dimension 110*46*54mm
    Mounting plate 120*120mm (Standard)
    Hole distance 110*110mm
    Pore size 5*8mm
    Base Type* Stoving varnish (Standard), galvanization (Optional)
    Certification CE, RoHS, CQC, UL

    • * denotes optional or customized parameters and you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.
    • Magnetic shield, electrostatic shield and central hole filled with epoxy resin can be customized for your needs if needed.

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    KNOWLEDGE BASE --- Difference between Toroidal Transformer and Square Transformer

    1. Efficiency: With the same power, the working efficiency of 50W (50VA) toroidal transformer is up to 86%-90%. However, the one of 50W (50VA) square transformer reaches 80-84%.

    2. Temperature rise: There is obvious difference in this respect. With the same power, the temperature rise of 50W toroidal transformer is very low, while the 50W square transformer's is high.

    3. Cost: Toroidal transformers with above 200W (200VA) has low cost. On the contrary, the EI square transformers with 200W (200VA) above will spend high cost.

    4. Interference: The probability of magnetic leakage in toroidal transformers is very small. But there are obvious magnetic leakage in square transformers and there also also low frequency interference.

    5. Lifespan: The service life of toroidal transformer is longer than that of square transformer.

    6. Working in low temperature: The toroidal transformer can operate normally at -30℃ in harsh environment.

    7. Flexible design: Custom toroidal transformers can be done and their volume and multi-winding can be flexibly customized as per customer requirements.

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