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120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC

120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC
120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC
120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC
120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC
120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers, 230V AC, 2x12V AC
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120VA toroidal transformer for audio amplifiers comes primary windings and twin secondary windings (110V, 120V, 220V, 230V to 12V, 24V, 2 x 12V, 2 x 35V and more), which you can connect either in series or in parallel to build multiple circuit layouts. Low frequency 50Hz/60Hz, no-load loss <2.5W, high work efficiency 96%, custom toroidal transformers are also available.


    • High temperature resistance up to 130℃. High polymer PET polyester film, good insulation performance.
    • High silicon toroidal transformer core with full copper wire windings, smooth and flat with small gap, longer service life.
    • Double insulated enameled wire winding, standardized winding process and welding level.
    • QZ-2 industrial copper wire, double insulation, high mechanical strength, low operating noise, little interference, high stability.
    • Energy-conserving, smaller no-load standby losses, higher energy conversion efficiency up to 96%.
    • Normal working at -30℃. No high frequency electromagnetic radiation.
    • The toroidal power transformer is widely used in home appliance speaker equipment, security monitoring equipment, radio communications, broadcasting systems, etc.


    Model PEACO-C120VA
    Rated power 120VA (Max.)
    Input voltage* 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
    Output voltage* 2x6V, 2X12V, 2X15V, 2X24V, 2X30V, 2X35V, 2X40V, 2X50V, 2X115V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V
    Rated current 5A (Max.)
    Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    No-load loss <2.5W
    Voltage strength PRI-SEC: DC2500V
    Insulation impedance PRI-SEC: ≥500MΩ
    Input lead UL1672-18# RED RED
    Output lead UL1015-16# BLK BLK
    Net weight 2.5 kg
    Product dimension 110*45*45mm
    Mounting plate 120*120mm (Standard)
    Hole distance 110*110mm
    Pore size 5*8mm
    Base Type* Stoving varnish (Standard), galvanization (Optional)
    Certification CE, RoHS, CQC, UL

    • * denotes optional or customized parameters and you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.
    • Magnetic shield, electrostatic shield and central hole filled with epoxy resin can be customized for your needs if needed.

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    KNOWLEDGE BASE --- How to Choose Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers?

    1. Choose such a toroidal transformer made of a cold-rolled silicon steel sheet iron core. The quality of toroidal transformer depends on the manufacturing process of the iron core. If the process is good enough, the probability of magnetic flux leakage of the transformer is less and the audio equipment will not squeak.

    2. Choose the toroidal transformer with full copper windings that are evenly wound. Compared with gold and silver wires, copper wires are relatively cost-effective and are more suitable for audio equipment.

    3. Select a toroidal transformer with glue-filled holes, copper foils and shielding layers. The glue-filled holes in the middle holes can be installed stably and reduce vibration and noise. Coating copper foils and shieldings can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference and signal interference.

    4. Finally, choose a toroidal transformer manufacturer that can provide complete packaging, clear and tidy labels, product accessories, manuals as well as warranty cards.

    Peaco Support toroidal transformer is made of 16000 gauss silicon steel sheet iron core, which is wound with full copper wires, featuring sufficient power, heavy weight, low temperature rise and CE, CQC certifications.

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