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11 Nov What is the Defference betwee UPS and EPS?
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1. Different Application Fields.EPS power supply is mainly used for electrical equipment in the fire protection industry. It features the function of ..
28 Oct What Is Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?
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Explosion-proof solenoid valve, one of solenoid valve types, encloses all the parts of the equipment that may ignite the explosive gas mixture in a sh..
17 Sep What is Contactor?
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What is Contactor?A contactor is the extremely important part of the electrical circuit with wide application. It is used for switching of electrical ..
25 Aug What is a Gear Motor?
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A gear motor is also called a geared motor, gear reducer, which is all-in-one combination of a speed reducer with a motor and serves as a gearbox to r..
04 Aug What is Wind Turbine?
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The structure of a small wind power generation system is generally composed of a wind turbine, a generator, a rudder and an electrical control part. C..
15 Jul What Causes a Vibration Motor to Overheat?
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Generally speaking, a vibration motor has a certain operating power, which is called the rated power, the unit is watts (W). If the actual motor power..
24 May What is Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
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An inverter is an electronic device that converts low-voltage direct current into alternating current and it is composed of inverter bridge, control l..
21 May What is Soft Starter?
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The soft starter is a motor control device that integrates motor soft start, soft stop, light load, energy saving and multiple protection functions. I..
22 Dec What Are the Advantages of Brushless DC Motor?
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BLDC (also known as a BLDC motor or BL motor) is short for brushless direct current motor. It has major components as permanent magnet rotor, poly-pha..
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