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14 Feb What are the Advantages of a Gear Motor
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A gear motor is the integration of a gear reducer and a motor, which is a kind of motor that converts the high-speed and low-torque motor into a low-s..
10 Jan What is Electric Hydraulic Actuator
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An electric hydraulic actuator is a combination of electric and mechanical properties that converts electrical energy into motion through the assembly..
03 Mar What is a VFD Drive and How a Variable Frequency Drive Works?
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VFD is very useful for motors. It serves many features by saving electrical energy consumed by the AC electric motor, extending the equipment life, el..
27 Aug What is a Servo Motor?
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What is a servo motor?Here is the servo motor definition. A servo motor is a type of electric device used in closed loop system to rotate machine part..
20 Jun What Do You Know About Inflatable Blower?
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With the market demand increasing, the types of fans have gradually increased and different fans have different functions. The inflatable blower is on..
04 Mar What Does a Voltage Stabilizer Do?
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A voltage regulator, also known as automatic voltage stabilizer, is a device that stabilizes the output voltage. The voltage stabilizer is composed of..
08 Feb What is the Advantage of Isolation Transformer?
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Isolation transformer generally is made without shielding layer between the primary and secondary and is 1 to 1 isolation transformer, mainly used for..
03 Feb What Is the Purpose of an Isolation Transformer?
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An isolation transformer is such a transformer with electrical isolation between the input winding and the output winding. The isolation of the transf..
23 Dec What is Vibration Motor?
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The vibration motor is equipped with a set of adjustable eccentric blocks at each end of the rotor shaft and the excitation force is obtained by the c..
03 Dec What are the Advantages of Stepper Motor in Belt Mechanism?
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1. Low rigidity mechanism requires gain adjustmentAccording to the strength of the mechanism for looseness, torsion, and extension, it can be classifi..
11 Nov What is the Defference betwee UPS and EPS?
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1. Different Application Fields.EPS power supply is mainly used for electrical equipment in the fire protection industry. It features the function of ..
28 Oct What Is Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?
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Explosion-proof solenoid valve, one of solenoid valve types, encloses all the parts of the equipment that may ignite the explosive gas mixture in a sh..
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