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Model: PEACO-C300VA
300VA toroidal transformer for sale, 110V/120V/220V/240V AC primary voltages, secondary voltages ranges from 2 x 6VAC to 2 x 115VAC. Twin secondary windings can be connected in series or parallel or used independently. 100% electrical and flash tested. Widely used in industrial, power management. Go..
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Model: PEACO-22RBL
Frame size 22*22mm inner rotor brushless motor is widely used in home appliance and industrial machines. 24V DC rated voltage, 3 phase, 8 poles. There are two 45mm and 68mm length internal rotor BLDC motors for your needs, 3.8 watt and 8 watte power, 4600rpm and 3800rpm working speed respectively. C..
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Model: PEACO-40M-R1630A5
A DC servo motor is a motor that is used in servo systems. The 24V DC servor motor comes with 50W power, runs at 3000rpm, optional servo motor driver and brake matched with DC motor. Competitive price and reliable quality servo motor is used in industrial automation equipment that needs to perform t..
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Model: PEACO-C500VA
High power 5000VA toroidal transformer features 1-phase 230V input voltage to dual 2x35V (35-0-35) output voltage and other optional input & output voltages, 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency. High-efficiency transformer with quality toroidal transformer core, designed for easy toroidal transformer mount..
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Model: PEACO-C600VA
600VA toroidal transformer features fiberglass sleeve with high insulation grade, high electrical strength and UL leads, a wide selection of input and output voltages, 120V/230V to dual 30V/50V, 50Hz/60Hz frequency. Cost-effective toroidal transformers are widely used in medical equipment, automatic..
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Model: PEACO-28BL
Inner rotor BLDC motor features 28mm frame size, 4 poles, three phase, optional 15V/ 24V DC, 4W, 15W, 21W rated power, 5mN.m, 14mN.m, 50mN.m rated torque, inner motor length up to 28mm, 38mm, 77mm. The hightlight of the internal rotor BLDC motor is that the rotor has smaller moment of inertia of the..
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Model: PEACO-33BL
Factory price inner rotor brushless DC motor has high speed up to 10000rpm, max. rated torque 50 mN.m, 40 watt power, optional 24V and 48V DC rated voltage, comes with gearbox, encoder, connector accessories for options. The 33*33mm size internal rotor BLDC motor is traditionally used for quick acce..
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Model: PEACO-C800VA
800VA toroidal transformer provides pure copper windings, smaller no-load standby losses, 96% high energy conversion efficiency. High performance 230V AC to 50-0-50 V toroidal transformer comes with no interference, small magnetic leakage, widely used in electrical equipment, automation control equi..
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Model: PEACO-C1000VA
1000VA toroidal transformer provides a primary voltage rating of 220V/230V AC and a secondary voltage rating of 2x115V AC to charge two devices simultaneously for options, 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency, high performance toroidal transformer core material with low loss, high flux, copper toroidal tra..
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36mm inner rotor brushless DC motor provides cost-effective construction, small size for high performance, highly efficient heat dissipation and competitive price. 3 phase, 8 poles, 24 voltages, 18W/ 24W and 4800rpm/ 4500rpm for your machines to choose. The inside rotor brushless DC motors can be cu..
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Model: PEACO-C1200VA
1200VA toroidal transformer has strong anti-interference ability and can improve tone quality of audio amplifiers, high flux, pure copper wire, low loss, high efficiency. Best toroidal transformer for audio, optional a primary voltage rating of 110V/ 220V/ 230 V AC and a secondary voltage rating of ..
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Model: PEACO-C1500VA
1500VA toroidal transformer has optional a primary voltage rating of 230 V AC and a secondary voltage rating of 24V/2x215V AC, low loss and low noise toroidal core. The toroidal isolation transformer features primary windings and twin secondary windings which can be connected in series or parallel o..
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