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Model: P-E8963
New style 150W car power inverter with low price and 18 months warranty, 100V, 110V, 120V AC output available. The DC 12V to 110V AC inverter provides quick charging, stable continuous power, makes your trips enjoyable. Light weight and longer service life.200W Car Power Inverter Features:1. Fully E..
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Model: PDG3500SE
3 kW Silent diesel generator for sale, featuring 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, wide range of rated output AC voltage and single phase or three phase for options. Powered by air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine. Widely used for air conditioner, stove, refrigerators, etc. in family and worksites. With..
Ex Tax:$3,386.89
Model: PEACO-UPS-B600
DC 12V mini UPS for router for sale, affordable price and durable service life. Mini uninterruptible power supply comes built-in 13200mAH battery capacity, AC 100~240 AC / DC 12~13V input voltage range, full over voltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overload, short circuit protections.Mini UPS Featur..
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Model: P-MGW3C15H
Miniature linear slide rail is equipped with flange block, made of high quality material stainless steel or alloy steel, 3mm-15mm model size, max. 250mm rail length. The linear rail and blocks are small in size and lightweight, especially suitable for linear guide rail for automation equipment and s..
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Model: P-MGN3C15H
Miniature linear slide rail come with square block, made of stainless steel or alloy steel, 3mm/ 7mm/ 9mm/ 12mm/ 15mm model size available, max. 250mm rail length, compact size, convenient to operate. Great miniature linear rail used for printer, robotics, precision measure equipment, semiconductor ..
Ex Tax:$118.39
Model: PEACO-9000-4T0007G
1 hp variable frequency drive (VFD) controls AC motor speed to closely match your output requirements, converts single phase 220V input to three phaser 380V output, saving 10 to 50% of energy. High performance phase converter or frequency converter with V/F, sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed se..
Ex Tax:$261.89
Model: PNE-100S
High efficiency 100W wind turbine works with 2.0m/s start-up wind speed, 12V or 24V rated voltage, 3 or 5 nylon fiber blades can be selected. Equipped with three phase AC permanent magnetic wind turbine generator. High wind power utilization, high conversion rate, low vibration.Specification ..
Ex Tax:$286.79
Model: PEACO-AZJ50
DC contactor provides contact circuit rated load current 50A, 1NO contact form, single pole and 12 volt DC contactor, 24 volt DC contactor, 48 volt DC contactor are available. 50A DC contactor with double auxiliary contact is optional for your electric fork-lift truck and other electric vehicles.For..
Ex Tax:$99.78
Brand-new single phase AC gear motor for sale, output power 15W, 110V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V voltages, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, pinion shaft/ round shaft type available, 3-200 gear ratio, 80*80mm frame size. With motor speed controller designed for precision and efficiency.Specification ..
Ex Tax:$218.85
Model: P-E8960
200W car power inverter with output voltage 100V, 110V, 120V AC for sale. Compact and useful DC 12V to 110V AC power inverter provides modified, top speed, stable continuous power for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, shaver, camera, power bank, PSP, speaker, etc. Supplied from factory directly.200W C..
Ex Tax:$76.87
Model: PEACO-40M-R1630A5
A DC servo motor is a motor that is used in servo systems. The 24V DC servor motor comes with 50W power, runs at 3000rpm, optional servo motor driver and brake matched with DC motor. Competitive price and reliable quality servo motor is used in industrial automation equipment that needs to perform t..
Ex Tax:$318.69
Model: PSUN-250G
250W grid tie inverter with with a optional data collector for sale, featuring 250 watt rated output power, 24V/ 48V DC to 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC micro inverter for one piece of 250W solar PV panel, filled with silica gel, IP67 protection class, efficient maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and high pe..
Ex Tax:$389.68
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