Linear actuator, also known as electric push rod, is a device that pushes or pulls something in a linear direction or straight line, which is composed of drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut guide sleeve, push rod, sliding seat, spring, shell and turbine, micro-control switch and so on. The rotational motion in an electric motor driven by electric energy makes the actuator move.

The electric linear actuators provide sensitive action, stable operation, small size and high accuracy, can realize linear motion, replace the hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, improve the control accuracy of the linear drive unit and achieve high-precision operation.

Linear Actuator Price List

Product Name Input Voltage Load Capacity SKU Price
High Speed Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 50N-4000N PEACO-DJ810 $139.68
Micro Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 50N-1200N PEACO-DJ806 $199.68
Medical Linear Actuator 12V/24V/36V/48V DC 50N-2000N PEACO-DJ825 $218.39
Miniature Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 200N-2000N PEACO-DJ809 $269.67
Waterproof Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 50N-6000N PEACO-DJ830 $295.96
Heavy Duty Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 2000N-7000N PEACO-DJ808 $398.95
Industrial Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 3200N-12000N PEACO-DJ805G $514.39
Solar Tracker Linear Actuator 12V/24V DC 10000N-15000N PEACO-DJ828 $557.68

Linear Actuator Applications

Medical linear actuators, also called hospital bed linear actuators, are widely applied to indoor massage chairs, functional sofas, automatic window openings, medical equipment, etc. Other industrial linear actuators are widely used in robotic vehicles, automatic guidance vehicles, camper, door openers, floor cleaning equipment, lawn mower, snow plow, boat, solar tracker system, wheelchairs, harvesting machine, construction machine, etc.

Peaco Support provides a wide range of electric linear actuators, including high speed linear actuator, micro linear actuator, medical linear actuator, heavy duty linear actuator, solar tracker linear actuator, etc. featuring high quality with CE certification, -40° to +85 °C working temperature, supporting optional signal feedback potentionmeter or hall sensor, input voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V DC, 50N to 15KN load capacity, 50mm-1200mm stroke, 5.5 to 80mm/s travel speed for options. Other special load capacity, strokes and travel speed can be custom-made for your requirement on and please feel free to contact us.