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Model: PEACO-CJX2-18
Peaco support provides a wide selection of CJX2 AC contactors. Contactor CJX2-1810 is such an AC contactor with 18A rated current and 3NO main contact and 1NO auxiliary contact, coil voltages are optional, including 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V AC, etc. Reliable 3 pole/ 4 pole AC contactors are suitable for..
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Model: PEACO-Y2-90S
AC induction motor is is also called asynchronous motor, is designed to operate on a three-phase supply. The 3 phase induction motor features 2 hp (1.5kW) power, optional 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole. Reliable and economical 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor for use in harsh environmen..
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Model: PEACO-ASW200
The DC magnetic contactor is widely used in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, DC power supply, medical equipment, etc., features 200A, optional 1 NO or 1NC contact forms, auxiliary contact, magnetic blowouts, rated voltage of coil can be 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48/ 60..
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Model: P-E8981
Hot selling 200W car power inverter for sale. Modified sine wave, wholesale price, light weight. With 4 usb charging ports. Compact and reliable DC 12V/24V to 220V AC power inverter for chargiing smart phone, tablet, car vacuum cleaner, car refrigerator, speaker, etc.200W Car Power Inverter Features..
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Model: PEACO-S-100-24
24 volt switching power supply features rated current 4.5A, 108W rated power, converting universal AC input to DC output. High performance SMPS power supply is widely used in industrial automatic control, research equipment, LED lighting, etc.FeaturesAC input range can be selectable with switch.SMPS..
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Model: PEACO-1-FC280-2S/4T-2.2G/3.7P
Brand new 3 hp (2.2 kW) variable frequency drive is also a phase converter that converts 210V/220V 1-phase to 380V/ 415V/ 440V 3-phase. V/F, sensorless vector control are available. 50Hz/60Hz input frequncy and 1Hz~3200Hz output frequency range. Cost-effective AC drive for AC motor speed control.Our..
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Model: PEACO-ZGS-150
3 phase pad mounted transformer for sale. Featuring 150 kVA rated power, 34500/19920V, 13800/7957V, 12470/7200V, etc. for primary voltage, 240V, 480V, 480Y/277V, 600Y/347V, etc. for secondary voltage, a large selection of accessories, compartmental available in live-front or dead-front design. Energ..
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Model: TS-4-4-030-175-P
SCR power regulator with digital display features a wide rang of rated current to select, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 80A, 90A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 175A and rated voltage is 220V or 380VAC, can regulate voltage and power. Control signals are optional 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC or potentiometer limit. The 3 ..
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Model: PYD-300HT
300W wind turbine provides low wind speed start-up (1.9m/s), horizontal axis, high wind power utilization, light weight and low vibration, 12V or 24V rated voltage and 3/6 wind turbine blades for selection. The wind turbine generator is designed with optimized structure, aerodynamic shape, which enh..
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Model: PW-350W
350 Watt micro grid tie inverter provides pure sine wave, optional Wifi and data logger, higher efficiency up to 95% using MPPT controller, converting DC 22-60V to AC 110V/ 220V/ 240V. Easy to install, convenient to monitor and analyze data in real time. Cost-effective solar micro inverter for resid..
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Model: PEACO-GDK105-18Z/4.5
4.5 kW spindle motor for metal milling will save your money and provide high efficiency, featuring three phase 380V AC voltage, 30Hz - 300Hz frequency, 1800 - 18000 rpm, 2 pole, ER20 collet. High performance CNC water cooled spindle motor is widely used for engraving machine rotary processing.F..
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25W AC gear motor with speed controller to change motor speed and torque for particular applications. Optional single phase 110V to 230V voltages, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, pinion shaft/ round shaft, 3:1, 5:1, 25:1, 100:1, 200:1 gear ratio. Quality AC motor with full copper coils, stable and reliable ru..
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