The basic working principle of the generator is based on the law of electromagnetic induction as well as the law of electromagnetic force. Both of the magnetic circuit and the circuit for mutual electromagnetic induction are formed by appropriate magnetic and conductive materials to generate electromagnetic power and achieve the energy conversion. A generator is such a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy, which is driven by a water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine or other power machinery, converting the energy generated by water flow, airflow, fuel combustion or nuclear fission into mechanical energy, which is then transferred to a generator and then converted into electrical energy.

Diesel Generator Working Principle

The diesel generator working principle that diesel generator converts the chemical energy of the engine fuel into rotational mechanical energy and then converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy. the speed control system adjusts the engine speed by adjusting the fuel supply, which is the frequency of electricity, and adjusts the output active power at a fixed frequency. The excitation voltage regulation system realizes the voltage of the generator by adjusting the current and the controller can control the remote start and stop of the unit, display, record and monitor the operating parameters of the generator to ensure its safe operation. Meanwhile, the silent diesel generator has the functions of automatic synchronization, remote data transmission and remote control as well as the operation setting function when the unit is connected to the grid.

Silent Diesel Generator Price
Model Frequency Phase Rated AC Voltage Price
50Hz 60Hz
Rated Output Max. Output Rated Output Max. Output
PDG3500SE 2.8 kW 3.0 kW 3.0 kW 3.3 kW Single phase or three phase
PDG6500SE 4.6 kW 5.0 kW 5.0 kW 5.5 kW $4,297.66
PDG7500SE 5.5 kW 6.0 kW 6.0 kW 6.5 kW $5,097.58
PDG10000SE 6.5 kW 7.0 kW 7.0 kW 7.5 kW $5,769.88
PDG12000SE 8.0 kW/ 8.5 kW $6,578.59
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