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Diesel Generator

Here at PEACO SUPPORT our provided silent diesel generators provide reliable and cost-efficient handy power for residential and commercial needs, such as air conditioner, stove, refrigerators, RVs, trucks, etc.

We offers single and three phase quiet diesel generators for sale, ranging from 3 kw generators to 8 kW generators, 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, powered by air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine, 12 hours continuous work, equipped with wheels and tough housing for applications operating in rough environments.

Model: PDG3500SE
3 kW Silent diesel generator for sale, featuring 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, wide range of rated output AC voltage and single phase or three phase for options. Powered by air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine. Widely used for air conditioner, stove, refrigerators, etc. in family and worksites. With..
Ex Tax:$3,386.89
Model: PDG6500SE
5 kW silent diesel generator provides best diesel engine, 50Hz or 60Hz frequency and single phase or three phase for selection. 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V voltage can be chosen. Useful generator for charging car/boat batteries. Free shipping and factory direct sale.Diesel Generator SpecificationEngine S..
Ex Tax:$4,297.66
Model: PDG7500SE
Portable diesel generator has good performance and best price, 5.5 kW at 60Hz or 6.0 kW at 50Hz, long continuous work and energy-saving diesel engine with single cylinder, 4-stroke, vertical and air-cooled design. Offering great durability, low vibration, quiet operation.Diesel Generator Specificati..
Ex Tax:$5,097.58
Model: PDG1000SE
7kW silent diesel generator for commercial and consumer duty use, comes with several rated AC voltage to choose, 50Hz / 60Hz and high efficient diesel engine to run, featuring low noise level of 69 dB, high safety, stability and dependability on your jobs and projects. CE and ISO9001 approved.Diesel..
Ex Tax:$5,769.88
Model: PDG12000SE
Silent diesel generator is powered by an industrial diesel engine producing 8 kilowatts of continuous prime power, single phase / 3 phase, 120V, 120/240V, 220/380V rated AC voltage can be selected. Ideal for RVs, trailers, trucks that require quiet, clean and dependable power.Diesel Generator Specif..
Ex Tax:$6,578.59
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