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30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V

30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V
30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V
30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V
30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V
30 hp (22KW) Soft Starter, 220V/240V/380V/480V
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  • Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3220
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30 hp soft starter with 43A current, three phase 220V/240V/380V/480V/ 690V input voltage to choose. Great motor soft starter with LCD display to control three-phase motor's voltage supply during the start-up phase. Multiple protections in one device, longer service life, competitive price.

Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support soft starter user manual.pdf


  • Smart start. The intelligent motor soft starter comes with various startup modes, including limited current startup mode, voltage ramp startup mode, sudden start mode, current ramp startup and voltage current limiting double closed-loop startup.
  • Multifunctional operation panel. LCD display for soft starter displays parameters intuitively, easy to operate.
  • High continuity terminals. Reliable soft starter features high-conductivity terminals made of quality and thickened material and good electrical conductivity is available.
  • Powerful cooling. The electronic soft starter provides effective heat dissipation protection so as to quickly reduce the operating temperature.
  • Multiple protections in one machine. Smart motor soft starter is available with overcurrent, overload, overheat, low voltage, high voltage, load short circuit, output phase loss, input phase loss, three-phase unbalance protections.
  • High and low temperature resistance. The soft starter for induction motor is made of industrial grade ABS plastics with high impact resistance, high heat resistance, stable and good performance.


Product Name: Intelligent Motor Soft Starter

Model: PEACO-ZJR2-3220

Capacity: 30 hp (22 KW)

Current: 43A at 380V

Input Voltage*: Three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V, 690V

Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz

Adaptive Motor: Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor

Starting Times: It is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.

Control Mode

1) Operation panel control.

2) Operation panel + external control.

3) External control.

4) External control + COM control.

5) Operation panel + external + COM control.

6) Operation panel + COM control.

7) COM control.

8) No start or stop operation.

Start Mode

1) Current-limiting to start.

2) Voltage ramp to start.

3) Torque control + current-limiting to start.

4) Torque control + voltage ramp to start.

5) Current ramp to start.

6) Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.

Stop Mode

1) Soft stop.

2) Free stop.

Protective Function:

1) Open loop protection for external instantaneous stop terminals.

2) Over-heat protection for soft starter.

3) Protection for too long starting time.

4) Input open phase protection.

5) Output open phase protection.

6) Unbalanced three-phase protection.

7) Starting over current protection.

8) Running overload protection.

9) Under voltage protection for power voltage.

10) Overvoltage protection for power voltage.

11) Protection for fault parameter setting of the soft starter.

12) Load short circuit protection.

13) Auto restart or incorrect wiring protection.

14) Incorrect wiring protection of external control stop terminals.


Place to be used: Indoor location with good ventilation free from corrosive gas and conductive dust.

Altitude: Below 1000M. It has to increase the soft starter rate power when the altitude is more than 1000M.

Temperature: -30℃~+55℃

Humidity: ≤90% RH (without dew condensation)

Vibration: <0.5G


Enclosure: IP 20

Cooling: Natural wind cooling.

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Warranty: 12 months

Outline Dimension (W1*H1*D): 145*270*160mm

Installation Dimension(W2*H2*d): 130*245*M6

Weight: 3.5 kg

Note: This model of soft starter is without bypass, you need to connect external AC contactor. If you want the soft starter with built-in bypass where there is a AC contactor inside, please visit here 30 hp (22 kW) Soft Starter with Built-in AC Contactor.

Softer Starter Outline & Installation Dimension (Unit: mm)

Softer Starter Dimension

Soft Start Wiring Diagram

Soft Start Wiring Diagram

Soft Starter Details

  • Simple control panel. The control panel can be removed to clean, easy to operate, real-time data display on LCD screen.
  • Smart mainboard. Soft starter features fast response, multi-functions.
  • Power control transformer. It comes with energy saving, circulating circuit, high quality coils with insulation isolation.
  • Mutual inductor. the mutual inductor makes the soft starter more standard for measuring instruments, protection equipment and automatic control equipment.

30 hp (22 kW) Soft Starter


Working Principle of Soft Starter

The soft starter uses a three-phase parallel thyristor as a voltage regulator, which is connected between the power supply and the motor stator. Such a circuit is a three-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit.

When the 3 phase soft starter is used to start the motor, the output voltage of the thyristor gradually increases, and the motor gradually accelerates until the thyristor is fully turned on. The motor works according to the mechanical characteristics of the rated voltage to achieve a smooth start, reduce the start current and avoid starting over-current tripping.

When the motor achieves the rated RPM, the start-up process ends, and the soft starter automatically replaces the thyristor that has completed the task with a bypass contactor to provide the rated voltage for the normal operation of the motor, thereby reducing the heat loss of the thyristor and prolonging the service life of soft starter, enhancing its working efficiency, and preventing the grid from harmonic pollution.

The soft starter also provides a soft stop function. The soft stop is the opposite of the soft start. The voltage gradually decreases and the revolutions gradually drops to zero to avoid the torque impact caused by the free stop.

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