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NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

Model: P-86BYGHM3066-3126
2 phase stepper motors for sale. Nema 34 high torque stepper motor works with 1.2 degree step angle, 86*86mm stepper motor sizing, 6 wires, 1.0A/ 1.1A/ 1.3A/ 2.5A/ 3.0A/ 3.3A rated current and 2.6Nm/ 5.4Nm/ 7.6Nm holding torque. Reliable open-loop stepper motor for industrial automations. Low cost s..
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Model: P-86B280-2100
New style Nema 34 hollow shaft stepper motor comes with 1.8 degree step angle, 86*86mm frame size, 4 wires, 0.45A/ 0.6A rated current and 4.4Nm/ 6.0Nm holding torque for option. High precision stepper motor for various industrial equippment. Low stepper motor cost, reliable quality.For more details,..
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Model: P-86BYGH260-2160
Nema 34 high torque stepper motor is an open-loop stepper motor, features 1.8 degree step angle, 86*86mm motor frame size, 4 wires, 3.0A/ 4.5A/ 6.0A/ 8.0A rated current and 2.8Nm/ 4.4Nm/ 6.0Nm/ 8.4Nm/ 12.0Nm holding torque. High quality sewing machine stepper motor in industry. Cheap stepper motor p..
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Model: PEACO-86HS2100-05
Nema 34 closed loop stepper motor is a high torque stepper motor with 12Nm holding torque, 86*86mm frame size. 2 phase hybrid stepper motor with all copper steel ring, strong power, high stability, widely used in textile machinery, engraving machine, medical equipment, industrial automation, printin..
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