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500A DC Magnetic Contactor, 1NO

500A DC Magnetic Contactor, 1NO
500A DC Magnetic Contactor, 1NO
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  • Model: PEACO-ASW500
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500A DC magnetic contactor has a set of normally open contact, 12V-72V coil voltage and other contactor coil valtages can be customized for your needs, continuous working. Useful DC electromagnetic contactor for various electric vehicles.

For more DC contactors and datasheet, please visit here Peaco Support DC contactor catalogue.pdf.


  • Full copper coil

Peaco Support DC motor reversing contactors adopt QA-1/155 grade enameled wire, the DC contactor coil has a wide range of suction and can be used for a long time, with low power consumption and long life.

  • High-content silver contacts

Each DC motor reversing contactor is equipped with high-content silver contacts, which have better electrical conductivity, longer life and high temperature resistance.

  • Iron nickel plated bracket

The iron-nickel-plated bracket makes the contactor stronger and the installation is convenient and simple.


    The DC magnetic contactor has a set of normally open or a set of normally closed contacts, which are used in electric control systems, such as electric vehicles, telecommunication equipment, engineering machinery, storage battery cars, electric forklifts, trucks, trains, ships, uninterrupted power supplies, etc.


    Physical Performance ModePEACO-ASW500
    Weight 1470g
    Dimension 128*56*130mm
    Certification CE, RoHS, IS9001
    Warranty 1 year
    Technical Parameters Rated Voltage of Coil 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V/ 60V/ 72V
    Rated Load Current 500A
    Contact Load (Resistive) 1A-500A (12VDC-72VDC)
    Main Contact Voltage Drop at 100A Load ≤ 100mV
    The Cooling Pull-in Voltage at (20±5)℃ ≤ 70%Us (V)
    The Cooling Pull-out Voltage at (20±5)℃ ≥ 5% Us, ≤ 40% Us (V)
    The Allowed Range of Coil Voltage ±20%
    Pull-in Time (N/O Contacts to Open) ≤ 30ms
    Pull-out Time (N/O Contacts to Close) ≤ 20ms
    Contact Opening Max. Bounce Period ≤ 5ms
    Insulation Resistance ≥50MΩ
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage between coil and contacts, and between open contacts 50Hz/60Hz 1500V AC/1min
    Max. Switching Current ≤ 7Ie, ≤1s
    Auxiliary Contact Form (Optional)*
    MS-micro switch
    Coil Type
    Single coil
    Coil Power ≤ 15W
    Electrical Life (Resistive) 20,000 cycles
    Mechanical Life 300,000 cycles
    Operation Duty Continuous
    Contact Form 1 NO
    Contact Material AgSnO/Cu or AgCuO/Cu
    Ausiliary Contact Rated Load (Optional) 2A/48V DC, 5A/24V DC
    Use of Environment Altitude <2 kW
    Humidity 5℃~85℃
    Ambient Temperature -25℃~55℃
    Protection Grade IP50
    Installation Type
    Installation Way Any way
    Vibration 2.5g Max. Sin 5-50Hz
    Impact 50g, 11ms (Half-Sine Wave)

    DC Magnetic Contactor Dimension (Unit:mm)

    DC Magnetic Contactor Dimension

    Connection Diagram

    DC Magnetic Contactor Connection Diagram

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