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70mm High Power Inner Rotor BLDC Motor, 48V, 3000rpm, 1.5N.m

70mm High Power Inner Rotor BLDC Motor, 48V, 3000rpm, 1.5N.m
70mm High Power Inner Rotor BLDC Motor, 48V, 3000rpm, 1.5N.m
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PEACO square inner rotor BLDC motor provides 70*70mm frame size, high power optional 157W, 314W, 471W for your machines, rated voltage up to 48V DC,  0.5N.m-1.5N.m for rated torque and 1.5N.m-4.5N.m peak torque. Small motor loss, low noise and high reliability brushless motor is easy to dissipate heat in medical equipment, vacuum pump, brushless production equipment line, brushless motor door and industrial fan, etc.


Electrical Specifications Motor Model* P70BLS01 P70BLS02 P70BLS03
Frame Size 70*70mm
Accessories* Connector, brake, encoder
Phase & No. of Poles 3 phase, 8 poles
Rated Voltage 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC
Rated Torque 0.5N.m 1.0N.m 1.5N.m
Continuous Running Torque 0.6N.m 1.2N.m 1.8N.m
Rated Speed 3000rpm 3000rpm 3000rpm
Rated Power 157W 314W 471W
Peak Torque 1.5N.m 3.0N.m 4.5N.m
Peack Current 13.0A 26.0A 38.0A
Line to Line Resistance 0.6 ohms at 20℃ 0.3 ohms at 20℃ 0.22 ohms at 20℃
Line to Line Inductance 1.4mH 0.7mH 0.55mH
Torque Constant 0.12 mN.m/A 0.12 mN.m/A 0.12 mN.m/A
Back EMF 9.0 Vrms/KRPM 9.0 Vrms/KRPM 9.0 Vrms/KRPM
Rotor Inertia 200 g.cm2 400 g.cm2 600 g.cm2
Motor Length 86mm 116mm 136mm
Weight 1.3 Kg 2.1 Kg 2.9 Kg
Certification CE, RoHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949
Warranty 2 years
General Specifications Winding Type Star connection
Hall Effect Angle Electrical Angle of 120 degree
Radial Play 0.02mm @ 450g
Axial Play 0.08mm @ 450g
Max. Radial Force 115N (10mm from the flange)
Max. Axial Play 45N
Dielectric Strength 600VAC/1S
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, 500VDC
Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Insulation Class Class B

Electric ConnectionNote: * denotes optional or customized parameters and you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.

Type Color Functions
UL 2464 AWG26 Red Hall Power Supply (positive) (Wcc)
Blue Hall U (Hu)
Green Hall V (Hu)
White Hall W (Hu)
Black Hall Power Supply (negative) (GND)
UL 2464 AWG16 Yellow Phase U
Red Phase V
Black Phase W

Brushless DC Motor Dimension (Unit: mm)

70mm Inner Rotor BLDC Motor Dimension

Brushless DC Motor Application

Inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor Application

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