With the continuous economical improvement, the equipment used in all aspects of life and production has also been significantly improved. From the traditional manual operation of machinery to the current electric machinery and fully automatic machinery, it not only represents the development economically, but also improved working efficiency. Nowadays, the electric linear actuator we are going to talk about is a new type of high-efficiency industrial equipment, which is widely used in various industries and daily life. What is an electric linear actuator? What are the characteristics of electric actuators?

As we all know, most of the traditional electric devices adopt a rotating workflow, so there are certain limitations in terms of work, which makes it greatly difficult to complete many tasks. What's more, the electric linear actuator makes it possible to convert this limited rotary work into a linear action. Additionally, the electric push rod can operate with back and forth movement on the basis of linear operation. In other words, the electric linear actuators can complete the whole long-distance control without manual control in industrial production, which is very suitable for some relatively efficient and complex work.

Technical Performance Requirements of Electric Actuator

The controller is a very important component for electric linear actuators. Therefore, in order to ensure the overall performance of the linear actuators, the linear actuator controller is required to meet certain conditions. The power transformer used by the controller shall comply with relevant standards. Meanwhile, the creepage distance and electrical clearance of its components and controllers should also reach the relevant standards.

In the actual production process, the staff controls the operation of each electric linear actuator through the manipulator to make it run normally as well as succesfully. In addition, after the control box battery is charged, it can still work normally after 30 days of standby. What's more, when the battery voltage is too low, it should be able to automatically alarm. Furthermore, after setting the stroke parameters, the control system with memory function should be able to operate normally.

Moreover, the other properties of the product electric linear actuator should also meet the relevant requirements. For example, with the temperature increasing, the electric linear actuator and controller will operate under short-term workload until thermal equilibrium reaches and the increasing temperature should not exceed 80°C. The strength of both power cord and the wires shall comply with the relevant regulations. Additionally, the linear actuator requires a vibration test to be done first and then can function properly without any issues, and its dielectric strength meets specified requirements.

Correspondingly, it can still keep working normally after being tested at both high temperature and the low temperature. In addition, after 48 hours of damp heat test on its control system, its dielectric strength also needs to meet relevant regulations.

Besides, the motor rotation and electromagnetic compatibility of electric actuators must meet the relevant standards. In addition, according to the load conditions, after the product operates 20,000 times under normal operation, its operating noise does not exceed 1.2 times the specified value, the stroke accuracy error is within ±3mm and the thrust meets the specified requirements.

Analysis of Common Faults in the Use of Electric Linear Actuators

There may be many problems during the use of the machine. Therefore, there will also be many unexpected problems if the operation of electric linear actuators is improper, for example, it may stop working. Usually, the main reason why an electric actuator stops working is that there are something wrong with the hardware in it.

What users should pay attention to during use is that users make sure that the electric linear actuator works in a stable space as much as possible, which is also necessary to focus for users when they are operate small electric actuators. Because their bearing capacity is relatively small. If operators do not pay attention to the surrounding environment, the probability of failure will be greatly increased. Additionally, users should also need to pay attention to the environmental conditions around the product, such as temperature. In addition, it should be noted that its lateral force should be kept within an appropriate range.

Electric Linear Actuator Troubleshooting

  • The start button does not respond. Usually the motor is not connected.

Solution: Check the power supply wiring and use a multimeter to measure whether there is voltage input at the input terminal.

  • After starting the motor, there is a buzzing sound and it does not rotate. This situation indicates that there is a phase loss.

Solution: Since the input voltage is generally a three-phase power supply, it is necessary to check whether there is a virtual connection or phase out.

  • After starting the motor, the motor rotates for a while and then stops, which means overload.

Solution: Replace the electric linear actuator or increase the length of the crank arm to increase the rated power to handle.

  • Motor overheating leads to burnout. Generally the overload protection fails.

Solution: Firstly, check the wiring to see if there is a wrong connection of positive and negative poles, check the force bifurcation point at the front end of the electric linear actuator and whether the machine bearing is stuck due to excessive force. At this time, what users need to do is to loosen the machine position and adjust the force position.

Features of Industrial Electric Linear Actuators

The industrial electric linear actuators is relatively heavy, such as in industries such as marine and construction, as well as in farming or industrial machinery. Because heavy duty industrial electric actuators are widely used, they can not only be used in business and industry, but also in industrial applications. It can also be applied to various customized programs, mainly to improve the ability and function.

The heavy duty linear actuators play a very important role to convert the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion in practical applications. In fact, the high power linear actuator is part of the entire drive system. The electric actuator has the following advantages during using in industry. Firstly, it has a self-locking function, which can increase the AN integrity of the equipment. What's more, its comprehensive positioning accuracy can reach 0.1mm and it can be matched with encoders, potentiometers, etc. to achieve multi-mode control. At last, the industrial linear actuator can also operate normally in very harsh environments and is suitable for a variety of working conditions.

The installation and operation of industrial electric actuators are also very simple and easy to learn and it is also very easy for customers who use them to replace hydraulic and pneumatic lifting devices. Furthermore, their selection is also faster than that of the elevators, because it does not require so many parameters. Generally speaking, the customer can provide the driving source, load, stroke and speed and Peaco Support also provides short construction period.

As an emerging transmission technology, industrial electric actuator transmission technology has been widely used in various fields of industrial automation in recent years, such as packaging machinery, welding machines, labeling machines, agricultural ventilation, etc. Compared with hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, Peaco Support electric drive technology has many advantages including maintenance-free, easy installation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring and can also help improve the health of production line employees and the output per capita.

Electric actuators have their own mechanical devices and are characterized by full automation, remote controllability and strong control capabilities, which are widely used in various industrial production and life, including all kinds of electric beds, electric sofas, electric doors, movable lift tables, photo frames, etc.

The Application of Industrial Electric Linear Actuators

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