The DC brushless vibration motor is one type of vibration motors. It is a typical mechatronic product composed of motor body and driver. Peaco Support DC vibration motors include small sized DC brushless vibration motors and medium sized DC brushless vibration motors. The small vibrating motors comes with 10W-80W power, 0.03 KN-0.8 KN excitation force. While the other vibration motors provide high power 100W-200W and the force up to 1.3 KN-4.5KN. Both of the DC vibration motors are combined with variable speed display controller, featuring optional 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC voltages, vibration frequency 3000rpm-7000rpm with high speed vibration. Such electric vibration motors are equipped with luminium alloy / stainless steel shell, F-class high insulation grade and IP65 dustproof & waterproof protection grade. Not only do the industrial vibration motors come with high quality, but they also have competitive price.

DC brushless vibration motors have high performance and efficiency and are widely used with vibratory feeder, vibration machine, vibrating table, vibrating hopper feeder, concrete vibrating equipment and other industrial equipment. Peaco Support helps customers provide various vibration solutions with different vibration motors.

Rated Power 10W-80W 100W-200W

Force 0.03 KN-0.8 KN 1.3 KN-4.5 KN
Rated Voltage 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC
(can be customized)
Vibration Frequency 3000rpm-7000rpm

DC Vibration Motor Price

Rated Power Force Vibration Frequency Rated Voltage SKU Weight Price
10W 0.03 KN 3000rpm 12V / 24V DC PEACO-10DCB12/24-Z03 1.2 kg $199.79
15W 0.05 KN 4500rpm 12V / 24V DC PEACO-15DCB12/24-Z03 1.2 kg $209.97
20W 0.1 KN 7000rpm 12V / 24V DC PEACO-20DCB12/24-Z03 1.2 kg $214.89
30W 0.2 KN 7000rpm 12V / 24V DC PEACO-30DCB12/24-Z03 1.2 kg $231.88
35W 0.8 KN 4700rpm 12V / 24V DC PEACO-PUTA35DCB 3.0 kg $259.37
50W 1.3 KN 7200rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA50DCB 3.0 kg $281.79
60W 1.6 KN 7200rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA60DCB 3.0 kg $328.99
70W 1.8 KN 77000rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA70DCB 3.0 kg $369.36
80W 2.0 KN 5000rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA80DCB 3.0 kg $393.99
100W 2.6 KN 3300rpm 12V/ 24V DC PEACO-PUTA100DCB 3.5 kg $497.68
120W 1.2 KN 4600rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA120DCB
3.5 kg $529.88
140W 2.0 KN 4300rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA140DCB 3.5 kg $576.88
160W 2.5 KN 4000rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA160DCB 3.5 kg $585.99
180W 3.5 KN 3500rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA180DCB 3.5 kg $608.97
200W 4.5 KN 3300rpm 24V/ 36V DC PEACO-PUTA200DCB 3.5 kg $642.66

Note: Rated power and voltge of the motion motors can be customized for your special requirements, their force will vary from the vibration frequency and power and the prices in the table are for reference only, it may vary from current logistics and material price. If you want to get the latest quotation and check more details, please go through the pages accordingly or don't hesitate to contact us right now.

In addition to the DC vibration motors, Peaco Support teams also provide AC vibration motors with a wide range of specifications and types, which also come with affordable price and free delivery worldwide.