The spindle motor is also called a high speed motor, an AC motor whose revolutions exceed 10,000 r/min, widely used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries.

Peaco Support provides air cooled spindle motor and water cooled spindle motor for CNC machine, featuring a wide ranges of rated power 1 kW, 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW, 3.5 kW, 4 kW, 5 kW, 6 kW, 7.5 kW, 3-phase 220V/380V AC voltage, 4700rpm-40000rpm working speed, ER11, ER20, ER25, ER32 collet for options. Their speed ​​regulation mode of cnc spindle motors is to adjust the output voltage and working frequency through VFD to realize stepless speed regulation from 0 to 24000. Peaco Support also provides single phase VFD, single phase to three phase VFD and three phase VFD to match the spindle motors for cnc router.

The high speed spindle motors have the advantages of small size, low material consumption, large torque, low noise, low vibration, stable and fast speed, high frequency, stepless speed regulation, low no-load current, slow heating, fast heat dissipation and long spanlife, widely used in woodworking carving, cutting, grinding, precision carving, CNC drilling, milling equipment.

CNC Spindle Motor Price

Type Rated Power Voltage Torque Working Speed Collet SKU Weight Price
Air Cooled CNC Spindle Motor 1 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 0.22 Nm 24000rpm ER11 PEACO-Round-Spindle-Motor 3.0 kg $288.59
1.5 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 0.05 KN 4500rpm ER 20 PEACO-1.5kW-Spindle-Motor 1.2 kg $486.84
2.2 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 0.1 KN 7000rpm ER 20 PEACO-2.2kW-Spindle-Motor 1.2 kg $526.97
3.5 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 0.2 KN 7000rpm ER 25 PEACO-3.5kW-Spindle-Motor 1.2 kg $652.79
4.5 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 0.8 KN 4700rpm ER 32 PEACO-4.5kW-Spindle-Motor 3.0 kg $731.58
6 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 1.3 KN 7200rpm ER 32 PEACO-6kW-Spindle-Motor 3.0 kg $798.19
7.5 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 1.6 KN 7200rpm ER 32 PEACO-7.5kW-Spindle-Motor 3.0 kg $1,109.89
9 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 1.8 KN 77000rpm ER 32 PEACO-9kW-Spindle-Motor 3.0 kg $1,488.39
Water Cooled CNC Spindle Motor 800W 3-phase 220V AC 0.30 Nm 24000rpm ER11 PEACO-GDZ15 4.0 kg $251.66
1.5 kW 3-phase 220V AC 0.60 Nm 12000rpm/40000rpm ER11/ER16 PEACO-GDZ17 5.0 kg $335.87
2.2 kW 3-phase 220V AC 0.88 Nm 24000rpm ER20 PEACO-GDZ23 7.0 kg $384.39
3.2 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 1.27 Nm 24000rpm ER20 PEACO-GDZ24 11 kg $599.68
4 kW 3-phase 220V/380V AC 1.59 Nm 24000rpm ER20 PEACO-GDZ27 14 kg $799.68

Note: The prices in the table are for reference only, it may vary from current logistics and material price. If you want to get the latest quotation and check more details, please go through the pages accordingly or don't hesitate to contact us right now.