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Water Cooled CNC Spindle Motor

Model: PEACO-GDZ15
800W CNC water cooled spindle motor for advertising woodworking comes with ER11B collet and 2 PCS of bearings, running at 220V 400Hz, 3.5A, 40000rpm, need to be matched with VFD for use. Φ65*160 mm round spindle motor for wood carving, CNC machine, etc. Inexpensive and especially maintenance-friendl..
Ex Tax:$251.66
Model: PEACO-GDZ17
1.5 kW CNC spindle motor with water cooling supplied directly from factory, with optional ER11/ ER16 collet, 24000rpm at 220V/ 380V 400Hz, 6.0A current, 0.6N.m, VFD is needed for use. High performance Φ80mm round spindle motor applicable for engraving machine, CNC machine.Features1. The bearings are..
Ex Tax:$335.87
Model: PEACO-GDZ18
Top quality 1.5 kW round spindle motor for CNC, with water cooling, ER11/ ER16 collet, 3 or 4 bearings, 5.0A for options, 24000rpm at 3 phase 220V 400Hz, Φ65mm. The spindle motor price is competitive and it is widely used in CNC drilling and milling equipment.Features1. The bearings are equipped wit..
Ex Tax:$449.88
Model: PEACO-GDZ19
220V spindle motor with water cooling, 1.5 kW power, ER11 collet, 3 bearings, 24000rpm at 400Hz, its diameter up to 80mm. High performance CNC spindle motor uses water cooling to cool the heat and has a good heat dissipation effect, is matched with VFD for use. High quality with CE certified and 1 y..
Ex Tax:$477.85
Model: PEACO-GDZ23
Brand-new 2.2 kW round spindle motor for sale, with water cooling, ER20 collet. 3 or 4 bearings, Φ80/ Φ85mm diameter to choose, 24000rpm at 3 phase 220V/380V 400Hz. High performance CNC spindle motor works with VDF for for wood carving CNC machine.Features1. The bearings are equipped with dust cover..
Ex Tax:$537.51
Model: PEACO-GDZ24
High precision, water cooled type CNC spindle motor with cost-effective price, 3.2 kW, 3.7 kW available, ER20 collet. 4 bearings, Φ100/ Φ105mm diameter for options, 24000rpm at 3 phase 220V/380V. Great spindle motor to provide the highest productivity and precision in machine tools with VFD.Features..
Ex Tax:$668.58
Model: PEACO-GDZ26
High speed CNC spindle motor for sale, running at 42000rpm, 60000rpm, with water cooling, ER11 collet, Φ62mm dia. The 3 phase 220V spindle motor used with VFD is ideal for machines where the quickest drilling operations are desired and provides a significant performance-to-cost ratio.Features1. The ..
Ex Tax:$258.99
Model: PEACO-GDZ27
High power spindle motor for CNC, optional 4.0 kW/ 4.5 kW power at 220V/ 380V voltage, water cooling type motor with 24000rpm, ER20 collet, Φ100*300 mm round motor size, providing enhanced torque and power to handle heavier cutting as well as shorter acceleration & deceleration times.Features1. ..
Ex Tax:$779.68
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